What a treat for us ‘flippers this year, we get the first ever winter edition of Candee Flip! Not quite the same as stumbling out of the 35C+ Arena into a 10C pneumonia inducing night but cool enough to sport a good ol fashion track jacket comfortably and in a new venue at La La Land! Was it the best one yet? You bet your sweet phatties it was! Even better, we don’t have anywhere near as long to wait till the next one 😀

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All ol skool, all vinyl, all night long!
Candeeflip smashed out another cracker of an event the other week with DJ Brisk leading the charge! Not only did they expand to a second room but they kept the good times rolling with a kick on afterwards! 😀

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Brisbane’s premier old school rave event got an upsize in venue moving down the road to Prohibition, which just so happens to be the old Tube nightclub! 20 years ago it closed its doors but the good times of that checkered dancefloor live on with the help of a stellar line up of local legends including Darren Briais, Bexta, Jen-E, Barking Boy, Gracie and Rousey.

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The rad lads and gals are back at it again with the first BFLF event of the year with Nik Fish on classic rave duty and Kid Kenobi smashing out the big room bangers! Nothing but smiles for miles and BALLOONSSS!!! 😀

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I know we say this everytime but hot damn did the Candee Flip team nail it again! The dancefloor was packed from the get go right up till the cake cutting at the end. Yes thats right, there was cake! The man of the hour being DJ Thief celebrating his half century milestone!

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Whoa! What a night! Another top notch afternoon and evening from the CF guys and gals! There were pretty of sore legs and heads the next day, that’s for sure!

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Birthday drinks and a boogie to some classic rave anthems mixed by some of the eras greats all on vinyl? Don’t mind if i do! Candee Flip delivering yet another fantastic night of fun and good times.

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Another great night of classic tunage all on vinyl from the Candee Flip gang!

Highlights beloooowww!


DSC_4437-1 DSC_4451-4 DSC_4463-7 DSC_4479-11

DSC_4485-15 DSC_4486-16 DSC_4490-17 DSC_4506-21


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DSC_4530-28 DSC_4532-29 DSC_4535-30 DSC_4547-33


DSC_4568-39 DSC_4605-45 DSC_4588-43 DSC_4682-57



DSC_4731-61 DSC_4738-63 DSC_4748-67 DSC_4761-71



DSC_4765-73 DSC_4777-78 DSC_4836-84

DSC_4865-86 DSC_4883-89 DSC_4891-91



Candee Flip was back once again like the Renegade Master! A whole night of classic 90’s rave nostalgia with cream of the crop DJ’s Jen-E, Thief and Barking Boy dropping hands in the air madness all from vinyl and Bexta topping it off by playing live.

Check out all the whistle blowing action in the extended gallery below.


DSC_3262-1  DSC_3263-2  DSC_3279-4  DSC_3281-5


DSC_3297-8  DSC_3298-9  DSC_3301-10  DSC_3323-12



DSC_3366-16  DSC_3378-17  DSC_3391-19  DSC_3393-20


DSC_3399-23  DSC_3407-25  DSC_3409-26  DSC_3458-39


DSC_3423-30  DSC_3433-33  DSC_3440-35  DSC_3445-37


DSC_3478-42  DSC_3485-44  DSC_3492-45  DSC_3499-48




DSC_3522-54  DSC_3503-50  DSC_3558-61 DSC_3573-65






DSC_3596-71  DSC_3599-72  DSC_3601-73  DSC_3614-76

DSC_3618-77  DSC_3623-78 DSC_3577-67 DSC_3561-63



If like me, you came through the birth of dance music in Australia, you would have no doubt come across one of the originators on the local scene, DJ Angus or in his hip hop guise, DJ Bribe. Though no longer with us, he lives on in the memory of friends and many us that enjoyed tearing up a dance floor to one of his sets. Helping to keep that memory alive and inform the uninitiated, Simon of Walshey Films and Jessica Middleton have set about creating a documentary of his time behind the one’s and two’s.

Where do we come in? Well back when partying far out weighed photoing and photos had plenty of “artistic” motion blur and out of focus blur to match the debauchery of the nights, I was fortunate enough to not only attend but also snap a few shots of the man doing what he did best at his final two gigs during the revered Candy Flip nights. These photos will be one of many additions in helping to narrate the life and times of Angus and one we are very honored to be part of.

Want to be part of it too? Glad you asked, if you’ve got skills or bills to contribute then head to the fundraiser page or contact Simon directly. They’re after any contribution big or small, you can hold off on the extra pint the next time you’re out or wait another week before throwing your money at a PS4 😉 Every little bit will help.

Check out the little promo video with a few words from the director and curator himself – Simon Walshe.

Flow – Promo video

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