The Supafest festival saw varying deals of talent on stage and in the crowd but one thing for sure was there was no lacking in the feet department, sneakers that is.

Our trainspotting eye caught a few pairs of the latest freshness about to hit our shores on some performing feet.

Supafest Brisbane 2011 photos here

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Swap those chocolate eggs for a Corona! Easter gets the Dame treatment.

Dame Reggaeton Easter photos here


The lounge king swaggered on into Alhambra with a bag full of luscious house and rare groove.

Mark Farina @ Alhambra photos here

Officially our first toddler/baby shoot and I gotta say it wasn’t too bad! Final score, only one tanty from the little one and one slightly out of breath photog. Sadly this will be the last we see of these lovely girls for a couple years as the tall people that hang around them have decided take them to another country!

Matilda and Willow photos here

ROADTRIP!! This week we kick of a new series of shots from a little trip down the Goldy, Shooters Superclub to be exact.
If you’re like me and can only remember it as a place of cheap drinks, bad music and even badder girls 😉 then you too will be in for a surprise. The place has under gone several face lifts and transformations with the most recent really laying claim to the “superclub” branding. Four separate rooms with four different genres of music keeps everyone boogeying happily.

To get the ball rolling DJ Kronic plonks himself in the hot seat in this weeks issue #1057.

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Pursuit Grooves

If you don’t follow live funk/soul or listen to JJJ you might have missed the Space Invadas stampede, so its about time you caught up to speed and find out what you missed out on! Support from Pursuit Grooves, bit like Lauryn Hill and Wyclef before they both lost their marbles.

Space Invadas & Pursuit Grooves at Barsoma photos here

For fans of the Dame Reggaeton nights, new comer Toca is here to fill in the lull between Dame gigs. The music policy is a little more relaxed with a sprinkling of commerical RnB and hiphop and house, but all still keeping with the tropical rhythms the Dame events are renowned for. Set in the pleasantly intimate space of The Aviary, Toca is aiming at becoming a monthly event.

Toca @ The Aviary photos here


With the rain clouds looming above, it looked set to become another Future Music Festival but in a stroke of luck, the girls (and guys) that just had their “hair done-did” didnt have to fret short of a couple sprinkles through out the day.

On the performance side it was what was to be expected, if you grew up listening to 80s and 90s hiphop you will be forgiven if you were a little underwhelmed. If however your version of “ol skool” is Nelly’s first album then you more than likely had the “time of your life”!

Supafest 2011 Brisbane photos here

A little something extra for the sneakerheads out there, a few artists were definitely brought their A game on the day.

The Game rockin the Bordeaux J7’s – released that day

Nelly sporting JP5’s – supposedly released some time this month

couple from Nelly’s St Lunatics support

and Busta Rhymes with his usual Goa/Foam Dome fare

For those of you who barely own a handful of cds and have either “bought” online or “borrowed” your friends “back up” hard drive for all your music then you probably wont get it, but you may also not get leaving the house or human interaction :p

Record store day is all about getting down to your independent (no, not JB or Wow) music store to check out limited releases, live instore music and signings, generally mingle with like minded music geeks and most importantly, showing the store some love. This isn’t a one off thing either, it has been happening all over the world since 2007, and this year it lands tomorrow, Saturday 16 April.

This issue also features the history of recorded music and insights from store employees to international crate digging, all passionately written from those that have been there and been a part of it.

Our local representative on this day is none other than Rockinghorse Records, which also happens to be this week’s Social Club feature in issue #1056. If you look hard enough you may even catch a glimpse of Keiron C actually doing some work 😉
So peel yourself away from iTunes and Beatport for the day and get on down to share in the fun.

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We wind up our The Aviary club shoot with Butterz, he has a yarn about whoring himself out and another indecent exposure sighting of Charlie Hustle in this weeks issue #1055.

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ 3D world magazine – Brisbane

It’s been quite some time since I’ve pointed a camera at a car that wasn’t a toy :p but with my little bro steadily pouring money into his Mitsubishi Evo Lancer to make it a fire breathing war machine, I guess it was inevitable.

Here are some sample shots from the shoot.

Johnny’s Evo photos here

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