The rad lads and sassy lass of Smoking Martha have dropped their new single “Say you’re mine”. Its a burner that turns into a heater, crank it up to eleven!

Check out the video and some of our latest promo photos for them below!





Two of our good friends, essentially “The cat” and “The bat” on the day, were married long before James popped the question. This day was more of a formality to make it official as they are pretty much two peas in a pod with excellent taste in cars and footwear 😉

Congrats to the couple and all the best for their honeymoon trip to Japan later in the year!

Venue: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens

Here are a bunch of our faves from the day…





DSC_7155-1 DSC_4119-27






DSC_7280-38 DSC_7278-37 DSC_7276-36 DSC_7206-19



DSC_7393-58 DSC_7365-52 DSC_7318-44 DSC_7309-43



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DSC_4292-94 DSC_4289-93 DSC_4276-91 DSC_4248-88

DSC_4233-87 DSC_4211-78 DSC_7680-92



A while back we shot some promo photos for dirty bluesy rock outfit, Smoking Martha who just so happen to make the kind of pint swinging music that we like. With a lead singer that could give Gwen Stefani (circa No Doubt) a run for her sass money and a the merry men backing her it was a fun and easy shoot.

Since then, their drummer has moved on so we thought it would be a good time to flashback to some of our fave shots from that shoot and show you their new video for All Lit Up.

If you’re new to SM check out their first single, Sweet as Honey and keep an eye out in the future for some new promo photos and releases!

View Smoking Martha’s videos here





We don’t normally shoot weddings but when we do, the celebrant does stand up material and the ceremony has more swearing than Reservoir Dogs!
Ok contrary to what you may think, it wasn’t “What really happens in Bali – Wedding edition” but a light hearted and intimate affair full of smiles and laughter and if you ask us, its how a wedding should be.
The light faded fast but the couple still managed to shine it on with Kat and her gown trying (not) to steal the show 😉
edit – I don’t know when dresses become gowns but hot diggity, that has got to be the living definition of one!

It was a wonderful day and we wish them all the best in their new bonded life together (:

Highlight photos below



DSC_6089-1  DSC_9029-2  DSC_9037-7  DSC_9041-9  

DSC_9097-16  DSC_6268-23  DSC_6269-24  DSC_6546-57



DSC_6289-27  DSC_6327-30  DSC_6350-33

DSC_6363-Edit-34  DSC_6372-36  DSC_6420-44  DSC_6406-41







DSC_6496-52  DSC_6483-Edit-50  DSC_6514-55




A couple of weeks ago I became an uncle for the very first time! I’m keeping my options open and don’t want to jinx it but I dare say I’m a high contestant for either dirty uncle or cool uncle. Just quietly, I’m aiming hopefully for a happy medium 🙂

Mum and baby were doing well after the first week so Mum asked us to snap a few photos. It was our first new born shoot but I can say its no different than shooting any naked babe, they lose focus real easy and you usually just end up having to manually pose them (the crying and tantrums are a whole other story :p )

Some of the highlights, welcome to the world baby Grace! 🙂






DSC_3299-23 DSC_3250-16 DSC_3232-15 DSC_3227-14

August 2012 flyer girl competition winner
Model: Edana N Tresiah
Photographer: soulbridge media
Hair & MUA: Jay’Em Makeup
Stylist: Yin Tint

More photos here

Good friends, extraordinary music makers and Caiti with a voice that never ceases to give me goosebumps, they are Sietta and they’ve just dropped another track. This one’s a cover of The Weeknd’s “The Birds part 1” and personally it lays waste to the original 😉 It’s a slow burner 4am hazy room kind of deal, so find a couch to sink into and let this one simmer.

Listen to Sietta – The Birds pt 1 (The Weeknd cover) on Soundcloud.

They also just so happen to use one of the extra shots from the Time Off Magazine shoot we did a little while back as the cover art 😉

Local designers and our good friends over at YungRiF have come in once again with the sneak attack and dropped a new design, Death of Clones. In a time where Universal, General pants and Karmaloop reign, its a more than fitting sentiment.

We went with the MDK – murder, death, kill theme and kept it dark and gloomy for the shoot.

As with all YungRiF releases, all are original and super limited designs so get in quick to secure yours.

Check out their page and shop at The YungRiF Collection

Officially our first toddler/baby shoot and I gotta say it wasn’t too bad! Final score, only one tanty from the little one and one slightly out of breath photog. Sadly this will be the last we see of these lovely girls for a couple years as the tall people that hang around them have decided take them to another country!

Matilda and Willow photos here

Sample shots from promotional material shoot for local actor, Grannt Burrge. Keep an eye out for his first lead part in a major feature coming soon.

We even had a bit of mock ad fun with a fictitious campaign for Ralph Lauren 😉

Grannt Burrge photos here

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