This week we have new Gold Coast young gun Kurt Joseph aka Ctrl Alt Del from our shoot at Shooters Superclub.

Read about him in this week’s issue #1059.

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Is almost upon us!

Its funny how things work out. Originally we had planned on a LA > Japan > NZ trip this year. Mainly to cover ground we missed at each destination on previous trips, but throw out an unbelievable price for a round the world fare and it was hard to say no. Not only are flights to Japan and New Zealand almost always on sale, the recent string of disasters really made travelling to those destinations a little unnerving. In saying that, no doubt in the next 12-18months both countries will be back on their feet and enticing travellers over with ridiculously cheap fares. I know I’ll be eagerly refreshing my inbox in anticipation!

What are we up to instead? LA is still on the list, with a drive up through Bakersfield (whats up Korn!), Fresno, Yosemite National Park then on to San Francisco. From there we fly to Ol’ Blighty, London, where they’re having a heat wave of low 20C temps! Rail to Paris, then over the big continent to Beijing to see that 7 Wonders of the world of theirs. If you caught our last adventure you know there will be plenty of stops for sneakers and toys, the usual open mouthed tourist gazings and of course plenty of photos. On top of that, now that I’m sporting the Nikon P7000 there’ll also be some fun footage. Bonus!

Back to housekeeping, needless to say, we will not be available for shoots in this time, but still feel free to contact us for dates from mid June onwards. We will have a netbook handy but response and updates may be delayed.

So who wants us to bring them something back? Ha! Psych! We’re gonna need all the space we can get! 😉

Till then, Au Revoir, Zaijain and all that jazz (:

Hiphop and street style dancers and B-boys (and girls!) drop it like its hot for their chance at a spot in the world championships. Guest appearances from last year’s Australia’s got Talent winners – Justice Crew as well as this year’s contenders Instant Bun.

Check out all the action, Hip hop International Brisbane photos here

How bout them holidays huh? After a week’s hiatus we’re back into it! Continuing our intercity run down to the Gold Coast, next from our Shooters Superclub shoot is DJ Dezastar. If you’ve hit a club on the coast you’ve more than likely heard him cranking the tunes.

Read about his adventures at schoolies and fighting over the mixer with DJ Rectangle in this week’s issue #1058.

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The UNKLE full live production rolls into town

UNKLE at The Hifi Brisbane photos here

Back to back weekends! The Dame boys throw a bonus round for the Labour Day holiday.

May Day Dame Reggaeton – photos here