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Mofo is Dead, not sure who Mofo is but he’s like Zed, thankfully his absence has no effect on the band from rocking, the lads are in for our The Music Magazine’s (Brisbane) – “In Focus” feature shoot this week (formerly The Guide cover).

Check them out in this week’s issue of The Music (Brisbane) #099.

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We’re going out with a bang for the last stop on our trip and what could be better than all the fun and craziness of a movie studio theme park!


Universal studios is just across the bay from the Osaka Aquarium so if you time it right you could easily do both in the one day if you kept the aimless wandering to a minimum. Like most major theme parks its a breeze to get to, just one change of trains from Osaka station (approx. 10-15min) and a short walk along “Hollywood Boulevard” (a bunch of familiar western and westernised eateries) will have you in front of the famous rotating Universal fountain globe in no time. Check their website for transport options.


DSCN0788-112 DSCN0787-111 DSCN0785-109 DSCN0783-107


Travel tip: Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate for around $60-70AU for a standard adult fare. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between online and gate prices so we chose to grab them at the gate. There are so many manned booths that there were no lines at all, unfortunately this is the only place that didn’t have lines!

Travel tip: Lockers are located on the outside of the park before you go through the gates, so dump your gear first as there are no pass outs once you enter the park.

DSCN0782-106 DSCN0620-1 DSCN0622-2 DSCN0627-5

Once inside the park, its the usual constant battle for just about everything, having a map handy and some kind of game plan certainly helps. The website tries to assist with two recommendations, one for the littlies to chase down their fave characters and one to experience the featured rides.

Instead, we chose to hit our “must-dos” first, see how we were going for time then fill it with whatever was left. It’s a good theory till we arrived at our first ride at Jurassic Park and the posted approximate time was 45min. Damn. It’s a slow saunter through the obligatory zig zag maze but they try to ease the waiting and build the illusion of being immersed in the movie with authentic reports and warning sounds from monitor screens above the cattle run. As you’d expect the buildup of tension continues with a first person feel of traveling through the movie. I’ll hold back on the spoilers but will mention, about 10min later you more than certainly will be a little drenched!

Travel tip: take a disposable rain poncho if you want to keep dry. They’re available for purchase on site at a premium so a stop at a daiso for a 100Y special could be in order.


DSCN0663-21 DSCN0666-23 DSCN0668-24 DSCN0672-26

One of our other fave rides would be the Back to the Future ride – a mechanical ride coupled to an imax sized screen to create a virtual environment, it was great but was over far too quickly.


DSCN0678-32 IMAG1727-5 DSCN0683-35

The entertainment is never short even if you’re not queuing for rides, parades are regularly scheduled as are the high flying shows on the main stage. Food, merch and souvenirs are also readily available in appropriately themed shops scattered throughout the park.
Being Japan it would almost be a crime if there wasn’t Hello Kitty and she doesn’t disappoint with regular stage shows (complete with backup dancing girl band) and her own section of the park drench in pink and nausea inducing cuteness.



DSCN0628-6 DSCN0648-11 DSCN0650-13 DSCN0651-14

DSCN0654-15 DSCN0659-18 DSCN0661-19 DSCN0674-28


As you would expect features change semi regularly depending on what movie/franchise is big at that the time like Pirates of the Caribbean making way for Harry Potter. Its also not uncommon to see patrons cosplaying like they’re part of the show too. Not sure if creepy or awesome.


DSCN0685-37 DSCN0677-31 DSCN0692-41 DSCN0693-42

DSCN0696-44 DSCN0698-46 DSCN0700-47 DSCN0701-48


DSCN0703-49 DSCN0704-50 DSCN0709-54 DSCN0711-56


DSCN0715-60 DSCN0718-63 DSCN0719-64 DSCN0728-69


DSCN0717-62 DSCN0730-71 DSCN0733-73 DSCN0735-74




So with tummies full of Hello Kitty pork buns and arms full of things like DeLorean model kits and Spiderman mugs, this closes our final entry for our epic Japan trip. While it only took us two weeks travelling, its taken closer to two years to write about it! So its probably best we didn’t make any promises on how long the next installment (Tassie 2014) is going to take :p Of course, we’re hoping sooner than later!



DSCN0736-75 DSCN0737-76 DSCN0740-77 DSCN0741-78



DSCN0743-79 DSCN0748-81 DSCN0749-82 DSCN0750-83

DSCN0755-85 DSCN0757-86 DSCN0760-89 DSCN0764-91



DSCN0770-96 DSCN0771-97 DSCN0774-99 DSCN0775-100


DSCN0779-103 IMAG1730-7 IMAG1731-8 IMAG1744-17

IMAG1742-16 IMAG1741-15 IMAG1740-14 IMAG1735-12

IMAG1734-11 IMAG1733-10 IMAG1732-9 IMAG1747-20



If you have any questions on our travels, where to buy, what to do, hit us up on our Soulbridge media facebook page.

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Last month we were privileged to shoot long time friend Rani and her British mail order husband 😉 on their special day. While the location on the Noosa river was a lovely choice, little of it could be used with the “good luck” rain being unrelenting for most of the day and night (and the whole week leading up to the day!). We literally had just enough time to grab a couple group shots before it was a mad scurry back inside to the function room but that had no effect on the beaming smiles and laughter shared by all… and the food, oh boy the food. There are positives and negatives when you have a couple foodies tying the knot!

A couple that cuts the cheese together will be pleased together… or something. Congrats to the couple on the start of their new life (officially) together (:
(and thanks to Rani for sparing me our traditional crash tackle greeting! Haha -T)





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DSC_1334-98 DSC_1270-94 DSC_1259-91 DSC_1247-89



DSC_1243-87 DSC_1233-85 DSC_1232-84




DSC_1850-155 DSC_1832-154 DSC_1809-151 DSC_1775-148


DSC_1766-147 DSC_1742-145 DSC_1738-144 DSC_1707-140



DSC_1702-139 DSC_1683-137 DSC_1678-136 DSC_1674-135

DSC_1652-131 DSC_1631-127 DSC_1595-124 DSC_1529-120


DSC_1521-119 DSC_1518-118 DSC_1511-117 DSC_1506-116

DSC_1501-115 DSC_1498-114 DSC_1465-111

DSC_1456-110 DSC_1444-108 DSC_1415-107





098 - cover

Those with a key eye or weekly itch for local Brisbane music news may have noticed a severe lack of an edition last week. While The Music website is going great guns, the weekly summary printed edition is getting a reworking, from now on they will be going to a fortnightly mag – so our The Guide cover shoots will feature accordingly. On the plus side this leads to a bumper issue each fortnight of more of what you love and a new format is also in the works (:

Back into it, you probably won’t want to sing “hold me closer Tony Danza” to this band, unless “hold me” means “mosh violently”. Danza get yell-y for our “The Guide” cover shoot this week.

Check them out in this week’s issue of The Music (Brisbane) #098.

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