The other week we were stuck in the right place at the wrong time, good for our first storm capture but not so good for the wrath that followed afterwards being stuck outside! I can think of better places to be than mingling with 65kph winds with debris and hail!
None the less, it did make for a nice sunset afterwards (:




Love is…

by admin


Titled: Love is but a moment shared.

We had a BBQ at one of Brisbane’s go-to spots and I just so happened to have a couple toys with me (and its rather uncanny as to how close they resemble me and my little lady 😉 )

Nikon Australia liked it so much they made it the cover photo across their social media outlets for the week of Valentine’s Day (:


While we weren’t directly in the path of the eclipse we still got to see a bit of poetry in motion today …or as the folks in the olden days would’ve said “Holy shit, we gon’ die!”.

These were shot with 1 x ND400 and 3 x ND8 filters, which probably added to the Pokemon Poke Ball lens flare (:

Well our plans of a bbq dinner up at the KP cliffs came to an abrupt halt when we heard the thunder and saw the severe weather warning on bom.gov.au. But after seeing the blazing red sunset, we thought we’d chance it and make a run to try and capture some of mother nature’s fury.

After nearly an hour of getting saturated, camera n all, and blown around, it was time to get out of there. Luckily I managed 1 half decent shot out of the 50 something shots I took!

larger size here