Zen and the Art of Everything delivering what it says on the box on NYD, an army of DJs and a whole bunch of diff genres of dance music!

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Dust off the phatties and the furry gaiters, System 6 tore back through the Brisbane dance scene and showcased the dance floor destruction that happens at the other end of the bpm spectrum! Hardcore will never die!
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Times have been tough for everyone lately with so much unpredictability but its reassuring there’s always the beacon of hope in the form of Candee Flip! A haven where you can cast your mind and feet back to a time where the biggest concern was what song will be played next!
The CF crew have laid claim and fully settled into their new venue at Lala Land with the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor rooms and atmosphere. Even better is they’re locking in three gigs a year now so we only need to wait till Jan 15 for the next one! 😀

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Another great night of classic tunage all on vinyl from the Candee Flip gang!

Highlights beloooowww!


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