If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have) head on down to City Hall after 7.30 each night till Christmas eve for a 3D animation light show projected on to City Hall! Easily the best free Christmas entertainment you’ll find this year!

Shows are every 15 minutes till midnight so you don’t need to worry if you miss the start or want to watch it more than once, and you will need to. You could watch it 10 times and still not see all the little details, we certainly tried ;)

Photo tip: leave the tripod at home, 1. you wont need it since you’ll need to shoot with a faster shutter to capture the animation and 2. there are a tonne of people at the earlier screenings and you don’t want to be THAT person ;) (and you also don’t want it knocked flying by some kid running through the crowd!)

Here’s a sample of what you can expect but mere photos don’t do it justice, take a break from the shopping mayhem and check it out!

City Hall Christmas Light Spectacular photos




Last Friday we caught the sweet harmonies of Brianna Carpenter and Georgie Potter doing there bit to brightened up the Queen Street Mall as part of The City Sounds music program which highlights the talents of burgeoning Brisbane artists.




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DSC_6588-1  DSC_6577-10


A couple weeks back the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre once again became home for the QMHE – Qld Model Hobbies Expo, a weekend of scale model displays, workshops and competitions.

Being our first time out, we weren’t too sure what to expect but definitely weren’t disappointed with hundreds of builds on display from the basic kit projects to ultra realistic reproductions. Subjects covered the usual military, automotive and flying machines and on to fictional spacecraft, anime mecha warriors reenacted movie scenes to the straight up weird.

Retailers were also out in force selling all the staples along with some very specific items, you know its serious business when there’s a store pretty much only selling tiny metal facades for those wanting that final touch of authenticity. Unfortunately a lot of places were selling full blown RRP (and then some) but there were the odd jewels of exhibition specials and paints at “I’ll take two!” kind of prices.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple hours with a lot of very passionate builders only too happy to gush about their latest creation.

Complete QMHE photos gallery here

After postponing due to weather in April, the Home Festival scores a beautiful day for their reschedule event.

Home Festival @ Raymond Park photos here

Hiphop and street style dancers and B-boys (and girls!) drop it like its hot for their chance at a spot in the world championships. Guest appearances from last year’s Australia’s got Talent winners – Justice Crew as well as this year’s contenders Instant Bun.

Check out all the action, Hip hop International Brisbane photos here


Its been quite some time since we last ventured out to the track. While it has lost some of its soul (and fun) with sky rocketing fees and a grid of exotics and dedicated track cars, its still a great way to spend an afternoon and a chance for me to practice my panning.

This was the last meet for the 2010 season, for more info or to sign up for the 2011 season head to the
Queensland Raceway website

QR Sprint photos here

Teneriffe, the suburb, not Newstead you know? :p
Well they had a little shindig on the weekend which coincided with commercial dance favourites Nova FM’s 5th birthday.
Market stalls and a bunch of live bands and DJ’s including Blue Juice, Amy Meredith, Lowrider and Stan Walker.

Teneriffe festival photos here


Thrills, spills and excessive force from a bunch of foxy ladies. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Roller Derby!
The Golden Roughs come away with another win over the Liquorice Short Shorts.

SSRG Roller derby photos here

You know you’re on a good thing when you need to upgrade to a bigger and better venue! While KGS loses some of the street vibe from the previous under bridge area, it does lend itself to much better viewing for the audience.
One thing that wasn’t lost was the energy, fun and variety of breakers and performers. Props go out to Sammy and her all girl crew showing the boys how its done ;)

Check out all the action Here

The bubble wrapping of Queensland continues with the further push of restricted operating hours for clubs and pubs. Hundreds of people including punters, club owners, hospitality staff, djs and bands showed up in force to voice their opinions against the further backward measures from the Queensland government.

Gallery Here

More info Here

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