Aussie rave forefather Pee Wee Ferris doing double damage on the Oasis boat and Lala Land along with a host of DJ legends from the 90s! Nothing but smiles and good times! 😀

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Whats better than a day rave? A day rave on a boat! Candee Flip took to the seas with 3 levels of classic house vibes on an absolutely beautiful spring day!

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“I sing about love because the world needs love, more than ever” YESSAH! Can I get an amen! 🙌
Barbara Tucker bringing the gospel for a truly spiritual night of dance music with round 2 of the Ministry of Sound Testament tour – 90s edition.
Tall Paul back once again with the renegade master and Phil Hartnoll delivering a no fks master stroke mixing Opus 3 into Belinda Carlisle 😍🙌

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Celebrating the era of stompin’ breaks and bangin’ electro with a heavyweight lineup including The Bloody Beetroots, Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, Kid Kenobi, Skool of Thought and Groove Terminator. Testify my brothers and sisters!

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Lit, turnt, hook, chain, all the things! We’re still looking for the words to describe the night but one thing’s for sure, the guys and gals at G-Shock sure know how to throw a party! 😀

Sneaker Freaker’s sophomore collaborative effort, the top to toe, mandible to abdomen make over the DW5700 aka the “Redback” was this year’s reason to celebrate and the rather appropriate event date of Oct. 31st led to impractical clubbing costumes and overly risque ensembles amongst the streaming beer and cider and steady flow of hors d’oeuvres (seriously the sliders and ribs were amazing! I’ve also never seen so many people fight over cauliflower before haha)

G’s on the field – it was quite the G-spotters paradise! Limited editions like the Burton Rangeman to the current GWFD1000 Frog, higher end faves – the MTGS1000 and MRGG1000 and even a rare in the wild DW8195 Gundam were nestled amongst the summery colours of the DW5600CMA and the GA400CM rasta twins, 5600/6900’s from the Redout 35th anniversary series and a generous helping of G staples.

Special thanks to the hard working teams behind G-Shock Australia, Sneaker Freaker and the great staff at the Belleville Melb. For putting together another awesome event – makes the tiring, delayed flights with budget carriers worthwhile!

Till next time guys!

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Wow, what a night! Sure we’ve got decades of love for G-Shock and may be a little bias but the night couldn’t have been any less than perfect! So much delicious Asian street food from Tsuru, social lubricate from Kirin, indoor/outdoor venue at The Sheds for the perfect (last day of) spring night and of course the warm hospitality of Jo and the rest of the awesome team at G-Shock Australia.

We were also treated to a talk from Mr. G himself, Kikuo Ibe which included a demonstration of the renowned shock protection with him spectacularly pegging the DW5600 watch off his wrist at a solid sheet of metal! He also unveiled a pair of “yea, we’re just showing off now” all sapphire crystal outer GW5600’s, said to cost around $100,000 each and take about a month to make. Also on display was an Aussie exclusive collab with creative all rounder TA-KU with his take on the humble DW5600 square (DW5600TA-KU-1D) along side the current line up of 35th anniversary releases with the Big Bang Black and Golden Tornado series.

Coincidentally it was pretty much 2 years to the day since our last G-Shock event outing for the Sneaker Freaker collab release and so far judging from the infallible track record, we simple can not wait till the next one!

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Aussie collectors, enthusiasts or if you simply want more info, a legit check, ideas for sneaker pairings 😉 or just want to chat, head on over to @theGcollective on Facebook and instagram for your dose of G related content. Also don’t forget to follower G-Shock Australia for official news straight from the source.


Couple weeks back we were lucky enough to catch the Hadron Collider exhibition at the Brisbane museum on its last stop around the world. For those that don’t know, its the biggest particle accelerator and biggest, most expensive science experiment in the world, ever. If that’s not awe inspiring/scary enough here are some more random facts that could change your mind! The exhibit included live talks, short videos, partial recreations of the facility and its components and even a section showing the onsite offices. Exciting and terrifying we could be on the brink of the “next big thing”!

Some photos from the event:







DSC_5068-5 DSC_5065-3 DSC_5063-2






We managed to catch The Iron Eye the other week for their “Foreign Bodies” EP launch at Crowbar. If you haven’t seen them yet, you have one more chance this week for their last show of the year!




dsc_7056 dsc_7026 dsc_6984 dsc_6947




dsc_6896 dsc_6757 dsc_6689

dsc_6634 dsc_6579





When two of our favourite things, sneakers and G-Shocks, come together in a perfect storm its a wondrous thing but to have the launch party on home soil? Well you know flights to Melbourne were booked faster than you can say “Shock Resist” and boy do those guys know how to throw a party! All the bases were covered, from a 3 course meal (entree, burger and fries and donuts for dessert) to an endless bar and DJ’s and live entertainment from Mafia, Hans DC, Joyride and Californian Anderson Paak. The watch itself wasn’t too shabby either 😉

Check out the fun and good times below! More socials will be posted in an album on our facebook page 🙂



DSC_7719-1 DSC_7724-4 DSC_7725-5 DSC_7726-6

DSC_7727-7 DSC_7728-8 DSC_7733-10 DSC_7752-18



DSC_7769-24 DSC_7771-25 DSC_7775-27 DSC_7777-28


DSC_7782-31 DSC_7793-35 DSC_7795-36 DSC_7797-37



DSC_7804-41 DSC_7812-45 DSC_7818-47 DSC_7822-49

DSC_7827-51 DSC_7837-53 DSC_7850-57 DSC_7853-59



DSC_7893-71 DSC_7895-72 DSC_7903-77 DSC_7916-79



DSC_7921-80 DSC_7927-84 DSC_8091-121 DSC_7959-92



DSC_7966-94 DSC_7969-95 DSC_7971-96 DSC_7987-100


DSC_8026-106 DSC_8031-107 DSC_8079-117 DSC_7807-43



Your new favourite rock band, you just don’t know it yet.

Bumper highlight gallery below!




DSC_9397-1 DSC_9409-3 DSC_9451-5 DSC_9519-11



DSC_9579-14 DSC_9594-15 DSC_9652-18 DSC_9656-19




DSC_9667-21 DSC_9711-24 DSC_9870-25 DSC_9899-26


DSC_0021-30 DSC_0067-31





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