“I sing about love because the world needs love, more than ever” YESSAH! Can I get an amen! 🙌
Barbara Tucker bringing the gospel for a truly spiritual night of dance music with round 2 of the Ministry of Sound Testament tour – 90s edition.
Tall Paul back once again with the renegade master and Phil Hartnoll delivering a no fks master stroke mixing Opus 3 into Belinda Carlisle 😍🙌

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15 years?? Can you believe it?? Most club nights are lucky to make it to 5 but here we are barrelling towards a double decade! If you haven’t been to one once in those 15 years, you really need to reassess your life choices 😉
Highlights below and head on over to the Soulbridgemedia facebook page for a whole bunch of social pics!


Another great night of classic tunage all on vinyl from the Candee Flip gang!

Highlights beloooowww!


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