Aussie rave forefather Pee Wee Ferris doing double damage on the Oasis boat and Lala Land along with a host of DJ legends from the 90s! Nothing but smiles and good times! 😀

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Zen and the Art of Everything delivering what it says on the box on NYD, an army of DJs and a whole bunch of diff genres of dance music!

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Whats better than a day rave? A day rave on a boat! Candee Flip took to the seas with 3 levels of classic house vibes on an absolutely beautiful spring day!

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Jack the House brought DJ heavyweights like Peewee Ferris, Marky Dynamix and Rousey for a lashing of the classic house, hip house and acid house to Kenjin.
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15 years?? Can you believe it?? Most club nights are lucky to make it to 5 but here we are barrelling towards a double decade! If you haven’t been to one once in those 15 years, you really need to reassess your life choices 😉
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All ol skool, all vinyl, all night long!
Candeeflip smashed out another cracker of an event the other week with DJ Brisk leading the charge! Not only did they expand to a second room but they kept the good times rolling with a kick on afterwards! 😀

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Another great night of classic tunage all on vinyl from the Candee Flip gang!

Highlights beloooowww!


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