A while back we headed down the coast with the gangs from vintage fashion moguls Drowning in Decadence and groovy furniture and prop house, Retro in the Rough for a totally groovy photo shoot of their new products. Here are some of the results (:











Last year G-Shock celebrated its 30th anniversary of creating tough time pieces and general bad-assedry. With a slew of releases for the occassion it wasn’t an easy choice but when it came down to the eye popping Lightning Yellow combination it was hard to say no! The finishing touches of the gold case back and band keeper to mark the occassion wrapped in the new “all about dem gains” bulked up GDX case its a real head turner! So of course we had to hit it up for a portrait shoot 😉





Finally got around to shooting these bad boys, basically a high top Air Force 1 but with a rugged military style beefing up via wool lining, 4WD tread and Nike’s version of breathable waterproofing, “Watershield”. We covered everything in freezer bags, things got messy, mozzies were biting but we got there in the end (:

DSC_7762-1 logo 800

Well it started here and now we’ve finally gotten around to finishing off the 30 days of our fave time keeping piece (ok, so there’s more than 30 and we even threw in a couple Protreks/Pathfinders for good measure 😉 ). We included a nice variety of models with a generous helping from the late 90’s/early 2000’s for those new to G land, a couple Japan only releases and the “Heavy Metal”/”Stargate” that started it all for me back in 1997! Respect RDA! 😀

Here’s to another 30 years!




















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With celebrations well underway around the world for Casio G Shock’s 30th anniversary, we thought we’d have our own little shindig and share our love of the chunky wonders with 30 Days of G Shockin* over on our Soulbridge Media facebook page. We’ll knock up a variety of photos with colour blocking and various other items from sneakers to clothes to toys and more so check back regularly. If you haven’t liked the page yet, get over there and clicky clicky!

Happy dirty thirty you tough bastards!

* – give or take and as time permits 😉




Celebrations have been in full swing all around the world (yet to see any locally tho! ): ) for Nike’s irrepressible technology, second to only the Air bag itself, the Max Air bag cushioning system clocks up a quarter century milestone this year. Being a bit of a sucker for things that make us feel like we’re walking on clouds, we thought we’d dig into the archives for some of our favourite Air Max photos. As you can see we’re rather partial to one particular model 😉

Happy Birthday Aero Maximus!


Slight colour tweak on these, enough to extend the wear past boredomtown 😉

Using Angelus Leather paint available from Laced in Brisbane.


Before and during
am90 wip




….Well I wish I could say they all came for me thanks to an overly generous Santa but alas no, I wasn’t any where near the “Nice” list 😉 Just a few shots that I finally got around to uploading.

DSC_2201-1 copy

DSC_6884 copy

DSC_1000-1 copy

DSC_2418-2-2 copy

DSC_8217-640 copy

DSC_9624 copy

DSC_6845-1 copy

DSC_7346-1 copy

DSC_0022-1 copy


With the flurry of hype over the latest Jordan retros, the AJ IV “Breds” we thought we’d crack the box on a pick up from a few years back, the “Rare Airs”, which combine (in our opinion 😉 ) the best Jordan’s ever, the 4’s, 5’s and 6’s into an unlikely mash of colour and textures yet like a perfect storm seems to just work.

High fives to those that did score a pair and condolences to those that camped out, missed out then overpaid on ebay!

Mmm...sneakers! Nom nom nom

The Artisan gallery is currently hosting two great exhibits for the price of one at one great price… FREE!

The main event is a broad cross section of sneaker styles, purposes and colours; some iconic, some WTF but most dialing in some form of wow factor. The display is set to a rough time line of major sneaker related events through out their history. Individual items are also numbered and are available for look up via a Supercheap Auto oil/air filter, paint code booklet on a chain deal. Some random facts are also included which made for hushed gallery library voices to be broken with honks of chuckling.

As a bonus, a side feature of the exhibit includes the Converse Blank Canvas Project where plain Chuck Taylor Cons were given to local artists to customise or convert. Some pieces were outlandish and featured a lot of intricate work while others seem like they were thrown together during morning tea at a Westfield arts and crafts kids minding stand. However, my favourite pieces weren’t artist pieces but the anatomy of a Chuck and the history of Converse wall (even if there weren’t any of the ERX series!).

Our buds over at Sneaker Freaker provided a fair portion of the exhibits and information so if you’ve been around the traps you may have seen quite a few of the items before but its still worth a look to see them all in the one place (and pick up a free copy of Sneaker Freaker mag 😉 ).

Even if you only have even a passing interest in funky footwear and 20min to spare after you’ve stuffed yourself at Harajuku Gyoza then its definitely worth a look.

The exhibit runs till August 16, 2012.

More Sneaker exhibit photos here

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