15 years?? Can you believe it?? Most club nights are lucky to make it to 5 but here we are barrelling towards a double decade! If you haven’t been to one once in those 15 years, you really need to reassess your life choices 😉
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Times have been tough for everyone lately with so much unpredictability but its reassuring there’s always the beacon of hope in the form of Candee Flip! A haven where you can cast your mind and feet back to a time where the biggest concern was what song will be played next!
The CF crew have laid claim and fully settled into their new venue at Lala Land with the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor rooms and atmosphere. Even better is they’re locking in three gigs a year now so we only need to wait till Jan 15 for the next one! 😀

Till then, check out the extended highlight photos below and pop over to the soulbridge media facebook page for more socials 😀

What a treat for us ‘flippers this year, we get the first ever winter edition of Candee Flip! Not quite the same as stumbling out of the 35C+ Arena into a 10C pneumonia inducing night but cool enough to sport a good ol fashion track jacket comfortably and in a new venue at La La Land! Was it the best one yet? You bet your sweet phatties it was! Even better, we don’t have anywhere near as long to wait till the next one 😀

Check out the extended highlights below and head on over to the Candee Flip Facebook page for more.

All ol skool, all vinyl, all night long!
Candeeflip smashed out another cracker of an event the other week with DJ Brisk leading the charge! Not only did they expand to a second room but they kept the good times rolling with a kick on afterwards! 😀

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Candee Flip was back once again like the Renegade Master! A whole night of classic 90’s rave nostalgia with cream of the crop DJ’s Jen-E, Thief and Barking Boy dropping hands in the air madness all from vinyl and Bexta topping it off by playing live.

Check out all the whistle blowing action in the extended gallery below.


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