Joelistics and our buddies Sietta brought there special brand of hip hop, soul and beats to Alhambra for the last leg of their national tour.

Check out the highlights gallery below.


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DSC_1559-21 DSC_1558-20 DSC_1535-18 DSC_1534-17

Photog-love, I can feel it in the air :p


Good friends, extraordinary music makers and Caiti with a voice that never ceases to give me goosebumps, they are Sietta and they’ve just dropped another track. This one’s a cover of The Weeknd’s “The Birds part 1” and personally it lays waste to the original 😉 It’s a slow burner 4am hazy room kind of deal, so find a couch to sink into and let this one simmer.

Listen to Sietta – The Birds pt 1 (The Weeknd cover) on Soundcloud.

They also just so happen to use one of the extra shots from the Time Off Magazine shoot we did a little while back as the cover art 😉


Blahfest once again rose to the occasion and delivered a quality festival minus all the usual qualms associated with large gatherings of “music lovers”.

Over abundance of bad dubstep (is there even any that’s good?? ;p ) aside, stand out sets were easily marked by A.Skillz and LTJ Bukem.

Check out the full gallery – Blah blah blah Festival 2011 photos

Well I don’t know about you guys but this year has flown by! This is the last issue of Time Off for the year and we were lucky enough to reunite with some old friends, Sietta for the Time Off Magazine‘s Live local band shoot.

Check them out along with the year in review in this week’s issue #1558.

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ Time Off magazine – Brisbane

shhhFor those of you only just getting to know the soulbridge family,
we thought we'd give you a little run down of what's been happening
in our neck of the woods over the last couple months

Cream pres. Ferry Corsten ‘The Experience’


Audio Mayhem – Masquerade

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