Hip hop royalty came together for a night of quality and a variety tunes. Even though they decided to come on 2 whole hours earlier than predicted, Pete Rock and DJ Premier played a set of classics and modern works from underground to commercial with plenty of running commentary in between. Far from a technical set but enjoyable none the less to catch two greats under the one roof!





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Mr. X to the Z brought his versus Hip Hop show to the Chalk Hotel carpark for the first installlment of their Soundcheck series of hip hop events to be held over the next few months. Even with sound restrictions, X stomped through with his west coast flavour and unmistakeable pizazz and charm.

Photo gallery below…



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Public Enemy brought the noise and an energetic show to the Hifi bar that would put most of today’s acts to shame!

Photo gallery below and full review here













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The legendary Pete Rock popped into Alhambra to drop some of his fave tunes

Pete Rock at Alhambra photos here


Hit me again Ike and this time put some STANK on it!
I don’t think Tina was talking about the same thing Mr. Boi was when he released Stankonia with fellow OutKast-er Andre 3000 but no doubt there was still plenty of booty slapping in mind!

Big Boi brought his energetic live band set up for a show at the Tivoli. Support from the very entertaining Theophilus London.

Big Boi @ The Tivoli photos here

Pursuit Grooves

If you don’t follow live funk/soul or listen to JJJ you might have missed the Space Invadas stampede, so its about time you caught up to speed and find out what you missed out on! Support from Pursuit Grooves, bit like Lauryn Hill and Wyclef before they both lost their marbles.

Space Invadas & Pursuit Grooves at Barsoma photos here

For fans of the Dame Reggaeton nights, new comer Toca is here to fill in the lull between Dame gigs. The music policy is a little more relaxed with a sprinkling of commerical RnB and hiphop and house, but all still keeping with the tropical rhythms the Dame events are renowned for. Set in the pleasantly intimate space of The Aviary, Toca is aiming at becoming a monthly event.

Toca @ The Aviary photos here


With the rain clouds looming above, it looked set to become another Future Music Festival but in a stroke of luck, the girls (and guys) that just had their “hair done-did” didnt have to fret short of a couple sprinkles through out the day.

On the performance side it was what was to be expected, if you grew up listening to 80s and 90s hiphop you will be forgiven if you were a little underwhelmed. If however your version of “ol skool” is Nelly’s first album then you more than likely had the “time of your life”!

Supafest 2011 Brisbane photos here

A little something extra for the sneakerheads out there, a few artists were definitely brought their A game on the day.

The Game rockin the Bordeaux J7’s – released that day

Nelly sporting JP5’s – supposedly released some time this month

couple from Nelly’s St Lunatics support

and Busta Rhymes with his usual Goa/Foam Dome fare

The Aviary shoot gets crazy this week with mad cat Cutloose dropping in for some slicing, dicing and breakdancing! Check him out in this week’s issue #1053 as he dishes knowledge on classic hiphop and bad dancers knocking themselves unconscious!

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ 3D world magazine – Brisbane

Tough as nails pair Jake Biz & Ken Oath, had alloneword thinking “there goes the neighbourhood!”. Read about them and some skatepark floozy lending a hand in this week’s issue #1049.

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ 3D world magazine – Brisbane

Promotional material shoot with the beautiful and talented Brodie Rees, Brisbane Hiphop dance instructor. Alot of fun, horn tooting and wolf whistling from ute drivers was had.
For bookings and classes visit Mad Dance House

Brodie Rees photoshoot photos here

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