Mr. X to the Z brought his versus Hip Hop show to the Chalk Hotel carpark for the first installlment of their Soundcheck series of hip hop events to be held over the next few months. Even with sound restrictions, X stomped through with his west coast flavour and unmistakeable pizazz and charm.

Photo gallery below…



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That bactieria gang return in a stripped back sound system mode to jam out their dub, reggae and drum n bass hits at the Hifi.



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The lads from Melbourne based but world renowned sneaker institution Sneaker Freaker brought their swap meet show to Brisbane for the first time a couple weeks back. Sneakers of all kinds of vintage and variety were on show, sale and available for trade. We even go in on the action with a stall of our own reluctantly parting ways with parts of our collections.

If you’re looking for more of this action, check out The Exchange on May 24th at Southbank. We’ll be back with a stall and will be rustling up extra goodies in the meantime (:




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Even with the Bluesfest juggernaut rolling through our part of the world, the line up of Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory were enough to sell out this night as well as prompt a second all ages show – perfectly planned on the driest day of the year, Good Friday.
For a band like TBS to have been around for more than a decade it seemed they were the reason a lot of the younger crowd were there as quite a few departed as NFG took to the stage, leaving plenty of standing room at the back for us oldies 😉

TBS’s set rather obviously lacked visual energy thanks to frontman, Adam Lazzara losing out to a tree (supposedly) leaving him in a cast and confined to a chair island. Compensation was in the form of awkward crowd banter and open mic night styled audience singling out, so it was with a bundle of anxious anticipation to see the roadies giving the stage a wide berth for NFG to go nuts on, and go nuts they did. Straight out of the gate it was a 1 2 3 combo of “Understatement”, “All down hill” and “Radiosurgery”, three big hits off three different albums. Gone were their matching basketball uniforms of Soundwave 2011 and Ian’s shirt (but that’s a given, does he even own one?) but their energy was as high as ever. Being the first stop of the tour always helps as well.

The next hour and a bit they powered through the crowd pleasers from each album with a welcome leaning towards there earlier “Sticks and Stones” but nothing from “Coming Home”, which was rather hit and miss in itself. Exclusions of obvious tracks like “Head on collision” hinted at what they were saving in store for the following night’s gig, well that and the “We’ll be playing different stuff tomorrow night” comment 😉 The encore was kicked off with a cover of Green Day’s “Basketcase”, not too far removed from the original but it was well received and could also mean they were saving the “Kiss me” cover for the kids show. They closed out with “My friends over you” or as I would call it “I’d still choose my NFG over Blues(fest)” …wow.. that was terrible… check out some photos instead then.

Taking Back Sunday

New Found Glory

You know you’re on a good thing when you need to upgrade to a bigger and better venue! While KGS loses some of the street vibe from the previous under bridge area, it does lend itself to much better viewing for the audience.
One thing that wasn’t lost was the energy, fun and variety of breakers and performers. Props go out to Sammy and her all girl crew showing the boys how its done 😉

Check out all the action Here