This week we kick off a new series of Social Club feature shots, this time we hit up the intimate Disco and Funk club alloneword with Brisbane hiphop and turntablist stale wart DJ Sheep leading the way. He lays it down on everything from rare records to LA gigs and the “fairy dance” in issue #1046.

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Dexter cuts up the proverbial on his landmark 20 years in the biz tour

Dexter XX Tour photos here


For those that don’t know, The Slew is made up of turntable extraordinaires, Kid Koala and Dynomite D and ex-Wolfmother members on bass and drum duty. Together they form what could only be described as head banging hiphop. Its what Mike Shinoda wishes Linkin Park would be like!
The live show is just nuts, heaps of energy and you can tell the guys are having a blast up there! Jump on to to see them in action.

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tom tom crew In a scene full of rebirthed nostalgia and watered down novelty acts, it’s an overwhelming breath of fresh air when a show comes along that adds a twist of lemon and a swift kick in the pants!

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