Who doesn’t love a good two-fa deal! Even better when its two of our fave bands of all time. Great show as always lads (y)
LTJ even helped “Mitch” get to first base! You owe them big time Mitch!
Shout out should also to the girl that put her lips on the line to get up on stage. Small price to pay to have a boogie with LTJ right?

Check out the bumper gallery!

Less Than Jake




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Reel Big Fish



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Bloc Party backed up their Future Music Festival show with a special side show at the Riverstage… minus the rain… well for the most of it anyway!






Check out the full gallery over at new our new feathered friends’ scene and gig guide The Good Guide.

Death to all but metal!! Steel Panther bring their headlining show full of quips, tits and vulgarity to the Eatons Hill Hotel

More Steel Panther photos here

Some (mostly women) say he’s dreamy, personally I don’t see it, but there’s no arguing his ability to take everyday things and super soppying them up to melt hearts. With help from Teagan and Sara and Ash Grunwald, epic finger tapping and swaying was had by all.

Jack Johnson @ Riverstage photos here


The boys are definitely getting on a bit but they’re still full of piss and vinegar and can still pack a heavy metal punch.

We were too busy banging heads and losing shoes in the audience to be on official duties but here are a few photos from the outer bounds of the sweat drenched circle pit.

Korn @ The Tivoli photos here

One of our fave bands of all time, The ‘Fish have been going at it for longer than some of their followers have had birthdays, ok, maybe not that long but they’re the forefathers of the ska revival and always put on a great show.

They covered all the usual tracks plus a few we’ve haven’t heard in the last 6 times we’ve seen them.

First time seeing the Aquabats, their show is just a riot! From their one piece lycra body suits to their, at times questionable banter, wacky visuals and dolphin kicking, its one giant piss take worthy of some kind of Guttermouth recognition award.

Too busy skanking it up to be on official duties, I still managed a few shots from in the overly energetic and sweaty crowd.

Reel Big Fish and Aquabats photos here


Shapeshifter touring their new album “The system is a vampire” and we’re definitely diggin the new stuff! Still has those chilled airy moments but there’s also plenty of new bangers to get you air punching!

Shapeshifter photos here

Dexter cuts up the proverbial on his landmark 20 years in the biz tour

Dexter XX Tour photos here


Space Invadas are Katalyst and Steve Spacek with a funked out Gnarls Barkley kind of sound.. and a penchant for the Darkside. Supported by Koolism.

Space Invadas photos here


For those that don’t know, The Slew is made up of turntable extraordinaires, Kid Koala and Dynomite D and ex-Wolfmother members on bass and drum duty. Together they form what could only be described as head banging hiphop. Its what Mike Shinoda wishes Linkin Park would be like!
The live show is just nuts, heaps of energy and you can tell the guys are having a blast up there! Jump on to youtube.com to see them in action.

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