Sophomore efforts can always be a bit hit and miss but the team at Good Things have once again smashed it out of the park! Stellar line up and another seamlessly run event. The rain, most of the heat and even the smoke held off for a fun summer’s day of metal and rock and or roll. Bring on 2020!

Check out our huge gallery of all the action below!

Reel Big Fish


The Butterfly Effect





Enter Shikari

Falling in Reverse

Simple Plan

The Beautiful Monument

Thy Art is Murder

Yours Truly

A Day to Remember


Parkway Drive


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Who doesn’t love a good two-fa deal! Even better when its two of our fave bands of all time. Great show as always lads (y)
LTJ even helped “Mitch” get to first base! You owe them big time Mitch!
Shout out should also to the girl that put her lips on the line to get up on stage. Small price to pay to have a boogie with LTJ right?

Check out the bumper gallery!

Less Than Jake




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Reel Big Fish



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It had been a little while since one of our favourite bands of all time, Reel Big Fish ventured out our way but even with the departure of their second guitarist (replaced with a new saxophonist) the energy was still there (even if Aaron already had a bit of a work out playing lead guitarist for Goldfinger) and a great show none the less.

Goldfinger were there.. well, minus everyone except the lead singer who apparently gave the band a screw you guys mere weeks before the tour! Kudos to be had for continuing on with the RBF brass section and lead singer and a familiar MXPX member on bass. Clearly this didnt stop them for rocking out even if the dude looks more like Leslie Nelson nowadays!

Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger & Zebrahead @ The Tivoli photos here

Cherry Popping Daddies brought their hats and chains and swinging hands for a zoot suit riot at Tempo. We even got to have a good chat to Steve (lead singer) and Bill (lead guitarist) before their show about touring and bad American weather 😉

To top it off, the surprise find of the night went to His Merry Men on support with a veritable batch of ska, funk and groove.

Cherry Popping Daddies @ Tempo photos here

One of our fave bands of all time, The ‘Fish have been going at it for longer than some of their followers have had birthdays, ok, maybe not that long but they’re the forefathers of the ska revival and always put on a great show.

They covered all the usual tracks plus a few we’ve haven’t heard in the last 6 times we’ve seen them.

First time seeing the Aquabats, their show is just a riot! From their one piece lycra body suits to their, at times questionable banter, wacky visuals and dolphin kicking, its one giant piss take worthy of some kind of Guttermouth recognition award.

Too busy skanking it up to be on official duties, I still managed a few shots from in the overly energetic and sweaty crowd.

Reel Big Fish and Aquabats photos here