Lit, turnt, hook, chain, all the things! We’re still looking for the words to describe the night but one thing’s for sure, the guys and gals at G-Shock sure know how to throw a party! 😀

Sneaker Freaker’s sophomore collaborative effort, the top to toe, mandible to abdomen make over the DW5700 aka the “Redback” was this year’s reason to celebrate and the rather appropriate event date of Oct. 31st led to impractical clubbing costumes and overly risque ensembles amongst the streaming beer and cider and steady flow of hors d’oeuvres (seriously the sliders and ribs were amazing! I’ve also never seen so many people fight over cauliflower before haha)

G’s on the field – it was quite the G-spotters paradise! Limited editions like the Burton Rangeman to the current GWFD1000 Frog, higher end faves – the MTGS1000 and MRGG1000 and even a rare in the wild DW8195 Gundam were nestled amongst the summery colours of the DW5600CMA and the GA400CM rasta twins, 5600/6900’s from the Redout 35th anniversary series and a generous helping of G staples.

Special thanks to the hard working teams behind G-Shock Australia, Sneaker Freaker and the great staff at the Belleville Melb. For putting together another awesome event – makes the tiring, delayed flights with budget carriers worthwhile!

Till next time guys!

Check out the bumper gallery below or head over to our Facebook page to tag your mates and dates. Even more photos over at G-Shock Australia​!

When two of our favourite things, sneakers and G-Shocks, come together in a perfect storm its a wondrous thing but to have the launch party on home soil? Well you know flights to Melbourne were booked faster than you can say “Shock Resist” and boy do those guys know how to throw a party! All the bases were covered, from a 3 course meal (entree, burger and fries and donuts for dessert) to an endless bar and DJ’s and live entertainment from Mafia, Hans DC, Joyride and Californian Anderson Paak. The watch itself wasn’t too shabby either 😉

Check out the fun and good times below! More socials will be posted in an album on our facebook page 🙂



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The lads from Melbourne based but world renowned sneaker institution Sneaker Freaker brought their swap meet show to Brisbane for the first time a couple weeks back. Sneakers of all kinds of vintage and variety were on show, sale and available for trade. We even go in on the action with a stall of our own reluctantly parting ways with parts of our collections.

If you’re looking for more of this action, check out The Exchange on May 24th at Southbank. We’ll be back with a stall and will be rustling up extra goodies in the meantime (:




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The Supafest festival saw varying deals of talent on stage and in the crowd but one thing for sure was there was no lacking in the feet department, sneakers that is.

Our trainspotting eye caught a few pairs of the latest freshness about to hit our shores on some performing feet.

Supafest Brisbane 2011 photos here

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