A couple of weeks ago I became an uncle for the very first time! I’m keeping my options open and don’t want to jinx it but I dare say I’m a high contestant for either dirty uncle or cool uncle. Just quietly, I’m aiming hopefully for a happy medium 🙂

Mum and baby were doing well after the first week so Mum asked us to snap a few photos. It was our first new born shoot but I can say its no different than shooting any naked babe, they lose focus real easy and you usually just end up having to manually pose them (the crying and tantrums are a whole other story :p )

Some of the highlights, welcome to the world baby Grace! 🙂






DSC_3299-23 DSC_3250-16 DSC_3232-15 DSC_3227-14


Grace and Tom have had enough of people so they have decided to make their own! 😉
Our first baby bump shoot and it was an absolute delight!

Best wishes to the family to be, we’re looking forward to meeting the little one in about a month (: