The other week we were stuck in the right place at the wrong time, good for our first storm capture but not so good for the wrath that followed afterwards being stuck outside! I can think of better places to be than mingling with 65kph winds with debris and hail!
None the less, it did make for a nice sunset afterwards (:



Cherry Popping Daddies brought their hats and chains and swinging hands for a zoot suit riot at Tempo. We even got to have a good chat to Steve (lead singer) and Bill (lead guitarist) before their show about touring and bad American weather 😉

To top it off, the surprise find of the night went to His Merry Men on support with a veritable batch of ska, funk and groove.

Cherry Popping Daddies @ Tempo photos here

Local designers and our good friends over at YungRiF have come in once again with the sneak attack and dropped a new design, Death of Clones. In a time where Universal, General pants and Karmaloop reign, its a more than fitting sentiment.

We went with the MDK – murder, death, kill theme and kept it dark and gloomy for the shoot.

As with all YungRiF releases, all are original and super limited designs so get in quick to secure yours.

Check out their page and shop at The YungRiF Collection


Its been quite some time since we last ventured out to the track. While it has lost some of its soul (and fun) with sky rocketing fees and a grid of exotics and dedicated track cars, its still a great way to spend an afternoon and a chance for me to practice my panning.

This was the last meet for the 2010 season, for more info or to sign up for the 2011 season head to the
Queensland Raceway website

QR Sprint photos here