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The lovely Nat Dunn is in this week for The Music Magazine’s (Brisbane) – “The Guide” section cover shoot. We also head out for a day in the mountains to one of the best boutique festivals Queensland has to offer, the Red Deer Festival. It offers BYO booze, free onsite camping and you can even bring your whole lounge suite in to plonk on the hill and watch the show! The versatile local line up included The Grates, Kingswood, Chance Waters, The Kite String Tangle and Bec Laughton. See the highlight photos below.

Check it all out in this week’s issue of The Music #005.

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Red Deer Festival




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Complete gallery here and here.


With the flurry of hype over the latest Jordan retros, the AJ IV “Breds” we thought we’d crack the box on a pick up from a few years back, the “Rare Airs”, which combine (in our opinion 😉 ) the best Jordan’s ever, the 4’s, 5’s and 6’s into an unlikely mash of colour and textures yet like a perfect storm seems to just work.

High fives to those that did score a pair and condolences to those that camped out, missed out then overpaid on ebay!


With the rain clouds looming above, it looked set to become another Future Music Festival but in a stroke of luck, the girls (and guys) that just had their “hair done-did” didnt have to fret short of a couple sprinkles through out the day.

On the performance side it was what was to be expected, if you grew up listening to 80s and 90s hiphop you will be forgiven if you were a little underwhelmed. If however your version of “ol skool” is Nelly’s first album then you more than likely had the “time of your life”!

Supafest 2011 Brisbane photos here

A little something extra for the sneakerheads out there, a few artists were definitely brought their A game on the day.

The Game rockin the Bordeaux J7’s – released that day

Nelly sporting JP5’s – supposedly released some time this month

couple from Nelly’s St Lunatics support

and Busta Rhymes with his usual Goa/Foam Dome fare