The Valley Feista gang went all out this year with a bunch of new additions to the festivities, one being the Redbull Roller Disco! The morning was savoury to say the least but had cleared up nicely when it was time to lace up the “loller” skates for some fun and laughs!

Redbull Roller Disco photos here


Thrills, spills and excessive force from a bunch of foxy ladies. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Roller Derby!
The Golden Roughs come away with another win over the Liquorice Short Shorts.

SSRG Roller derby photos here

The first Roller Derby of the season for the Sunstate Roller Girls kicked off with the Liquorice Short Shorts taking on the Golden Roughs. Don’t let the sugary names fool you, these girls are definitely hard boiled!

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