“1337 AIR” fictitious ad campaign

I’ve finally gotten a chance to start working on shots of sneakers from the holiday haul. For a bit of fun, I’ve conjured up some fictitious ad campaigns to go along with them. To get the ball rolling, we have these Nike Airforce 1 lows in medium grey “microperferated” leather and a clear grey gum sole.
Subtle enough to sneak (ha!) into work attire yet still with enough pop to stomp on some keyboards!

Try and respawn from that ya little….!

Expect to see many more of the holiday pickups peppered through out this blog in the coming months!

Gotta love the Attitudes series with their vibrant “those colours should not go together but some how it works” colour schemes and their chubby stature.

A lazy weekend and a bucket of chalk = another one of my fictitious campaigns