Those flash mob insta-party specialists, KANA have sadly called it quits after 7 years. With many secret and not so secret locations under their belt it was a series of events unlike anything Brisbane has seen, which had the backing of what many would call the “true” supporters of the dance community and its DJs, and in typical KANA fashion it was a outstanding event that came and went with barely a trace, bar a distant omnipresent bassline drone and a few sore heads the next day 😉

We’ve been told even though this is the end of these guerilla style events, they have a few other things in the works so there is some hope for those that have missed out 😉









Those crafty ninjas at Kana have done it again, manifested an instant party with a flash mob to chase away those dismal rainy blues!

Well done lads!

Kana photos here

We had so much fun with Timeoff magazine last week, we just had to do it again! This time our photos are featured on the cover of the Zebra music section and the lead story for those guerrilla party throwers KANA. With the looming government threat to night life as we know it, its definitely an insightful read.

Grab your free copy from hundreds of retailers and outlets around Brisbane and check out the exclusive photos in the Zebra music news section.

If you cant get to a store, dont sweat it, its also available online @ Time Off Mag – Zebra.

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Gallery here

Those flash party ninjas were at it again! Not even the dismal weather hindered another great event!

Gallery here