Our buddies The Iron Eye give The Foundry what for, supporting Aerials last month.
Check out the highlights below



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New Found Glory - Soundwave 2011

So what do you do when you have your first festival off from shooting in years? You run amok with your friends that’s what!

It took a little getting used to, not lugging my gear around and not having to be somewhere 10 minutes ago, but a quick jump around to Millencolin and Sum 41 settles things down for me to camp out pretty much all day at stage 3 for a plethora of punk and ska.

Highlights of that stage were New Found Glory (complete with their own team apparel), Pennywise and Less than Jake. Unfortunately, due to those inconsiderate bastards Social Distortion, deciding to overrun their mid afternoon set by 15min meant all subsequent acts were cut short to meet the 10pm curfew. Not too bad if they had hour long sets but they were all already at a very “punk” 40 minutes.

Even though it was my day off, I still managed a couple happy days through out the day. Check out the Soundwave Festival 2011 Brisbane photos here

Less than Jake - Soundwave 2011