Awhile back we spent many days shooting updates and new stock for this year’s catalogue (originally started back in 2010! ), all the copies went out to the reps and customers but I finally managed to get a hold of one for myself! Mmmm shiny!





Photos from Apack QLD’s Open night. Demonstrations by floral designers Mark Pampling and Greg Block.

Sales enquries: www.apack.net.au

Apack QLD – Open Night photos here

After nearly two months of shooting 1000+ products we completed our longest and toughest shoot yet!

Alot of work minimising reflections and shadows and keeping the background all white (request from the graphic designer). We certainly learnt alot from the huge variety of textures, shapes, sizes, colours and coatings and how to minimise the use of post processing.

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Sample Apack product catalogue photos here