Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls

After much championing and plenty of image teasing over the last few years from the likes of our buddy Mel Sinclair Photography we finally caved and decided to take a short break over Easter to try and catch the first part of the Fagus festival in Tasmainia. A week long event where hundreds of photographers decend on the southern isle to bear witness to the changing of colours of Australia’s only native deciduous beech tree, take a few photos and drinking lots of wine (or so I’m told 😉 ).

Being the start of the wet season it didn’t (DID!) disappoint with sour weather for all but one of the 5 days we were there. None the less, we still managed a few photos, some sightseeing and a whole bunch of windshield time traversing a sizeable portion of the landscape (just under 1000kms) in a less than ideal cheap rental car!

A full recollection of our experiences and photographic evidence will follow in an up and coming blog series. Till then we will leave you with the above shot of Liffey Falls on a rainy 3C day with 25kph winds no less!


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