airmax 90Thanks to the recent development boom in the Brisbane CBD we are starting to see a lot of new retail space opening up. One such section is the southern end of Albert st. mall (opposite Hungry Jacks) where a second Hype DC store has opened. It’s double the size of the original one, so no more squashing passed people while browsing. Even though we’re always weary of stores that never have sales (who doesn’t like a bargain right??), more places to buy sweet kicks can’t be a bad thing 😉

They have a detailed website with most of their stock online, check it HERE

While we’re on the topic of new stores, Culture Kings have arrived in Brisbane and setup shop at 79 Elizabeth st. You might know them from the Carrara markets down the Gold Coast, well now you don’t need to drive as far!
They stock a decent range of men’s anti-fashion brands like Tapout and Silverstar with stylings that crossover from hiphop to Krusty Demons. They also have a huge selection of fitted caps and a limited selection of kicks. But what pricked our ears up were the great prices they have on their Dickies shorts and pants at $50 and $60 respectively.
Of course, with great prices comes great skepticism.

We’ve heard a few stories of claims of fakes and seconds. So we decided to scope them out for ourselves.

One of the biggest tell tales when trying to spot a fake are substitute/alternate materials which help save on costs, then after that its construction and design details. Being able to physically inspect the item makes it all the more easier, especially after a quick run through the website and after comparing to our own pairs bought from large retail chains like City Beach.

So the verdict? Theyre 100% legit. Same heavy grade, super starchy cotton drill, quality construction, all tags and detailed labels and the full selection of colours and styles. Needless to say we couldn’t leave without a few new shorts and pants additions for the wardrobe 😉

Just quietly, for those still unsure, mark up on designer clothing can be anywhere from 50-1000% and more, ask anyone in the industry. Parallel importing possibilities aside, even at these margins there is still profit to be made on higher quantity sales instead of higher pricing. Either way we’re not ones to turn down a bargain!

The only thing lacking is the range for the ladies, with a limited range of jeans and shorts, but we’ve been assured they’re on top of it and can’t wait to beef up their selection. Splendid (:

So, get down and say hi to the friendly (and quite pleasing to the eye 😉 ) staff.
They’re trading hours are
Mon-Thurs – 10am-6pm
Fri- 10am-9pm

Or hit them up on Facebook

Note: SBM is in no way affiliated with either of these companies. However, will gratefully accept any clothing or shoe donations for “review or photographic purposes” 😉


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