This week we keep the river theme flowing with Our Ithaca Creek for the Time Off Magazine‘s Live local band shoot.

Tongues are planted firmly in their cheeks for their Q & A in this week’s issue #1540.

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This week we head down to the banks of the hanky panky Brisbane river with Charlie Mayfair for the Time Off Magazine‘s Live local band shoot.

Read about their exploits in this week’s issue #1539. They also get an extra thumbsup from us for mentioning Airforce 1’s 😉

As a little bonus, we caught The Cairos at The Zoo last week and popped a couple shots as well, read about what you missed in the review (:

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ Time Off magazine – Brisbane

Some Jerks didn’t just cut you off on the freeway, they’re also a band! They’re the Time Off Magazine‘s Live local band of the week from our New Farm shoot.

Don your head gear and have a read about them in this week’s issue #1538.

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets or read it online @ Time Off magazine – Brisbane

Steel Panther

Are you ready to ROOOCCKKKK??!!!

Some would say they’re kind of a revival band for the spandex, big hair, 80’s cock rock movement, but they’ll probably tell you they’ve been doing it for years, maybe even more!
Steel Panther encompasses all that was so right and at the same time so wrong with the music of the time, they switch between original material and some of the greatest karaoke songs of all time, all the while with their tongue planted firmly in their cheek, a hand on their crotch and the other giving you “The Shocker” (also the title of one of their most infamous songs).


Run Devil Run

Shacked up in their one of three weekly haunts, LA’s House of Blues, support on the night was from Alevela, and Run Devil Run, both with a more standard rock fairing. However, there was no mistaking when the SP guys took to the stage through a cloud of hair spray. Over the top lighting, huge tiger print banner, more hair flicking than Romy and Michelle’s prom and more phallic symbols, sexual innuendos and poor taste jokes than an episode of The Footy show. All delivered with unashamed arrogant showmanship and gusto. Dick jokes, bum jokes, sex jokes, jokes about sex with pregnant women, nothing was left untouched, figuratively or physically!

The only real surprise was how much trouble they had getting the girls on stage to get their kit off even though it seemed fine for them from the audience! Modesty, it can strike and the most inopportune time.

Travel tips: Free parking is available at the venue down the side street off Sunset Blvd. There is also plenty of metered parking out the front, however max. is 2 hours. The House of Blues is a multi level venue/restaurant with a footprint deceptively larger than that of the Arena in Brisbane. Three large bars on the concert level with fast and friendly service and drink specials through out the night. ATM also on site.

Complete Steel Panther @ The House of Blues photos here

Los Angeles 2011 part #1 – Arrival, Melrose Trading Post
Los Angeles 2011 part #2 – West Hollywood shopping, Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles 2011 part #3 – Downtown shopping – Fashion District
Los Angeles 2011 part #4 – Downtown shopping – Japantown
Los Angeles 2011 part #5 – Steel Panther @ The House of Blues 17/5/11
Los Angeles 2011 part #6 – Hollywood sign, Farmer’s Market
Los Angeles 2011 part #7 – Peterson Automotive Museum
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New Found Glory - Soundwave 2011

So what do you do when you have your first festival off from shooting in years? You run amok with your friends that’s what!

It took a little getting used to, not lugging my gear around and not having to be somewhere 10 minutes ago, but a quick jump around to Millencolin and Sum 41 settles things down for me to camp out pretty much all day at stage 3 for a plethora of punk and ska.

Highlights of that stage were New Found Glory (complete with their own team apparel), Pennywise and Less than Jake. Unfortunately, due to those inconsiderate bastards Social Distortion, deciding to overrun their mid afternoon set by 15min meant all subsequent acts were cut short to meet the 10pm curfew. Not too bad if they had hour long sets but they were all already at a very “punk” 40 minutes.

Even though it was my day off, I still managed a couple happy days through out the day. Check out the Soundwave Festival 2011 Brisbane photos here

Less than Jake - Soundwave 2011


The boys are definitely getting on a bit but they’re still full of piss and vinegar and can still pack a heavy metal punch.

We were too busy banging heads and losing shoes in the audience to be on official duties but here are a few photos from the outer bounds of the sweat drenched circle pit.

Korn @ The Tivoli photos here

One of our fave bands of all time, The ‘Fish have been going at it for longer than some of their followers have had birthdays, ok, maybe not that long but they’re the forefathers of the ska revival and always put on a great show.

They covered all the usual tracks plus a few we’ve haven’t heard in the last 6 times we’ve seen them.

First time seeing the Aquabats, their show is just a riot! From their one piece lycra body suits to their, at times questionable banter, wacky visuals and dolphin kicking, its one giant piss take worthy of some kind of Guttermouth recognition award.

Too busy skanking it up to be on official duties, I still managed a few shots from in the overly energetic and sweaty crowd.

Reel Big Fish and Aquabats photos here


For those that don’t know, The Slew is made up of turntable extraordinaires, Kid Koala and Dynomite D and ex-Wolfmother members on bass and drum duty. Together they form what could only be described as head banging hiphop. Its what Mike Shinoda wishes Linkin Park would be like!
The live show is just nuts, heaps of energy and you can tell the guys are having a blast up there! Jump on to to see them in action.

Gallery Here

Its been a long breath taking wait but Beserk‘s 7th range has arrived!

Not even a double lashing of flooded warehouses this year could hold Fleur and her team down!

They’re back with a whole new range of tops and bottoms. This is also the first time they’re venturing into the world of colour outside of the uniform black, red and white. While we love the rocker look its certainly a welcome change and suiting of the summer months. If you’re in Queensland then you know that’s like 9 months of the year!

What really caught our eye were the new mini’s, (and it wasnt just our penchant for the painted and pierced models 😉 ) The skirts sport the new range of colours but at the same time have the hint of the renowned Beserk gloom and doom with lashings of skulls, sweet!

Check out the full range @


Rock out!As the festival season rolls in, so do the line up announcements. We’re surprised Soundwave (Brisbane) didn’t sell out after Big Day Out sold out in record time, but now after the second line up announcement, a sold out show is imminent with the announcement of Heavy metallers, Anthrax, whiney heart felt stale warts, Placebo and teen movie soundtrackers, Motion City Soundtrack.

Along with Shinedown, Set your goals, Enter Shikari and Closure in Moscow.

They join an already BDO trumping lineup of:

Faith No More
My Chemical Romance
Janes Addiction
Taking Back Sunday
Sunny Day Real Estate
Eagles Of Death Metal
The Get Up Kids
Anti Flag
Reel Big Fish
All Time Low
A Day To Remember
It Dies Today
Escape The Fate
A Wilhelm Scream
The Weakerthans
The Devil Wears Prada
Comeback Kid
The Almost
Dance Gavin Dance
Four Year Strong
You Me At Six
The Aquabats
Rolo Tomassi
Rx Bandits
Maximum The Hormone
The Creepshow

Good Vibrations (on the same day) really has to pull a seriously bigrabbit out of its hat to draw the multi-genrelists away from that one. Speaking of which, GV lineup will be announced soon! 😀

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