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Kid BurnerA few months ago we stumbled across what can only be described as blatant ripoffs of Kidrobot Munnys. They’re called Nooks. The basic body mould and arms are pretty close (except they’re made from a cheap soft pvc blend. The arms are even softer along the lines of a dog’s chew toy, but more on that later) to that of the Munnys while the heads are an oblong sphere skewed towards the front. The main difference lies in the different styles of characters. Each one is a different “thing”, ranging from standard animals: mouse, cow, kangaroo to mythical creatures like a dragon or a Cyclops guy with a bolt through its head or people like nurses and kings. So each character has a different add on to the basic mould be it wings, tails, horns or ears along with a terrible attempt at personalising with a name, favourite game, “friend” and a rego number to take to the seizure inducing Teletubby designed website. What it is for, I can’t tell you, but as soon as I get a hold of a 5yo, I’ll let you know.

Despising aside, I thought, these could actually come in handy. Instead of spending $20-30AU to purchase a 4″ DIY Munny locally that I could potentially ruin, I can pay half that and practice on the cheapy instead. So in doing that I’ve created a little how to for those wanting to get their art on and letting a bit of creativity run wild.

The first thing I tried was a simple coat of paint to get rid of the ugly faces and colours. As mentioned theyre made from a soft pvc type plastic which causes some problems with adhesion and drying. If you apply very light coats (I used a cheap enamel spray paint) allowing drying time between each coat, the body and head seems to dry ok, however if you get it even slightly thicker in places, it will have a tacky texture. As for the arms, forget about it. They stay just as wet as the day you sprayed them. So you will need a pvc specific type paint (I’m still trying to track down the best type for the job) for it to dry and adhere properly. Not having this handy at the time I instead decoupaged it in plain paper and then repainted it.

The other option of course is decoupage from the start, basically covering the whole thing in small bits of paper with glue, paper Mache style, and this is what we’ve done. I will detail the process I used in a future post.

Till then, a sneak peak of one I whipped up. In tribute to the Kid Robot knock offs I’m aptly naming them Kid Burners (:

DSC_2537-4 copy


sasha Prog/tech monster, Sasha hits up the Met on the back of his Invol2ver tour

Gallery Here

Well our plans of a bbq dinner up at the KP cliffs came to an abrupt halt when we heard the thunder and saw the severe weather warning on bom.gov.au. But after seeing the blazing red sunset, we thought we’d chance it and make a run to try and capture some of mother nature’s fury.

After nearly an hour of getting saturated, camera n all, and blown around, it was time to get out of there. Luckily I managed 1 half decent shot out of the 50 something shots I took!

larger size here


buzzA super big extra special shout out to our very own Alicia aka lighting technician/administration/post production assistant and general helper in all things to keep me sane!
My partner in crime, love, life and photos (:

Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day! 😀

airmax 90Thanks to the recent development boom in the Brisbane CBD we are starting to see a lot of new retail space opening up. One such section is the southern end of Albert st. mall (opposite Hungry Jacks) where a second Hype DC store has opened. It’s double the size of the original one, so no more squashing passed people while browsing. Even though we’re always weary of stores that never have sales (who doesn’t like a bargain right??), more places to buy sweet kicks can’t be a bad thing 😉

They have a detailed website with most of their stock online, check it HERE

While we’re on the topic of new stores, Culture Kings have arrived in Brisbane and setup shop at 79 Elizabeth st. You might know them from the Carrara markets down the Gold Coast, well now you don’t need to drive as far!
They stock a decent range of men’s anti-fashion brands like Tapout and Silverstar with stylings that crossover from hiphop to Krusty Demons. They also have a huge selection of fitted caps and a limited selection of kicks. But what pricked our ears up were the great prices they have on their Dickies shorts and pants at $50 and $60 respectively.
Of course, with great prices comes great skepticism.

We’ve heard a few stories of claims of fakes and seconds. So we decided to scope them out for ourselves.

One of the biggest tell tales when trying to spot a fake are substitute/alternate materials which help save on costs, then after that its construction and design details. Being able to physically inspect the item makes it all the more easier, especially after a quick run through the website and after comparing to our own pairs bought from large retail chains like City Beach.

So the verdict? Theyre 100% legit. Same heavy grade, super starchy cotton drill, quality construction, all tags and detailed labels and the full selection of colours and styles. Needless to say we couldn’t leave without a few new shorts and pants additions for the wardrobe 😉

Just quietly, for those still unsure, mark up on designer clothing can be anywhere from 50-1000% and more, ask anyone in the industry. Parallel importing possibilities aside, even at these margins there is still profit to be made on higher quantity sales instead of higher pricing. Either way we’re not ones to turn down a bargain!

The only thing lacking is the range for the ladies, with a limited range of jeans and shorts, but we’ve been assured they’re on top of it and can’t wait to beef up their selection. Splendid (:

So, get down and say hi to the friendly (and quite pleasing to the eye 😉 ) staff.
They’re trading hours are
Mon-Thurs – 10am-6pm
Fri- 10am-9pm

Or hit them up on Facebook

Note: SBM is in no way affiliated with either of these companies. However, will gratefully accept any clothing or shoe donations for “review or photographic purposes” 😉

hilltop hoods After many delays and lost events the Bigtop finally fires up and comes alive at the RNA showgrounds with The ‘Hoods in fine form. I’ma chase that feelin!

Gallery Here

RB-09-Annual-web Oh yes they done did it again!
The seminal drum and bass and jungle crew, renowned for revitalising the underground broken beat scene in Brisbane and becoming a local legend of the Noughties in the process are back with another one of their infamous free parties! You can relive the times when DnB Djs played DnB and dubstep Djs played DnB and no one had to play dubstep ;p or when the cider crew would battle the beer crew in a drink off till you couldn’t remember if you were drinking beer or cider or when those Rudebwirds would get up to mischief in the pool room 😉 Either way, a good night and good music is guaranteed!

The fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also getting into the spirit and giving away 4 Rudies packs which include a limited edition Rudebwoyz tee thanks to Rudebwoyz and Sound Regime! Stay tuned for details on how you can get grubby mitts on one!

For those thinking wtf is he on about, check the press release, ya ‘ear me now!

For the uninitiated, ‘RuDe BwOyZ’ was one of the most seminal events on the Brisbane clubbing calendar, renowned for launching the Brisbane drum’n’bass scene out of obscurity and establishing itself as the longest running Independent dance-event in Brisbane history! At the birthplace of the underground bar, RuDe BwOyZ provided local junglists with the city’s first monthly drum’n’bass event and paved the foundation for the vibrant scene Brisbane enjoys today. In late 2008,
after 6 solid years of drum’n’bass and jungle vibe mayhem, the team decided to hang up the headphones….. but you cant keep a good RuDeBwOy down!!!
To celebrate the memory of one of Brisbane’s most loved club events, the RuDe BwOyZ team are taking their infamous FREE PARTY into the bigger space downstairs @The Step Inn, where we hope Brisbane junglists young and old can unite to party on into the early morn with a selection of
classic Brisbane jungle and dub-step dj’s who’ve been reppin’ with RuDe BwOyZ from the word go!
Back 2 back bad-bwoy bizness with:

Operon vs De la Haye (rude bwoy & junglette action, ooo-errr!)
Erther vs Sektile (deep jungle pressure)
Mongo & Phibre (rude bwoyz originals)
Justus vs Kosha D (big party flayvaz)
Citadel (citizen & delstar b2b dub-step damage)
Speaker Wrath (slammin’ up the last hour)

Expect the usual top sound, lighting, music and that extra special RuDeBwOyZ vibe!
FREE ENTRY! & casual dress code 🙂
Doors open at 9pm and will vibrate until dawn!!
(don’t forget its downstairs!!)

queen of hearts Some Halloween fun and gore with the lovely and psychotic 😉 Krystal
Unfortunately a plush toy was harmed in the shooting of this set. Even though it was one of the evil ones, SBM supports freedom of life and has made a generous donation to toys R us (:

Gallery Here

For bookings and more info on Krystal visit www.krystalhans.com


Leggin it

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legs Lesley nelson said “She had legs that went from her waist all the way down to the floor”
Homer said “Oh, those legs seem to go on forever. Oh, wait. They stop right there”
ZZ top even wrote a song about them…

One thing for certain is its pretty darn tough getting round without any. Yes we’re talking legs.

Here at SBM we appreciate a good set of pins, even more so, when they’re dressed up.
It would seem the folks over at Honey Birdette have the same idea catering for lovers of exquisite lingerie and boudoir accessories. To coincide with their new hosiery range, HB are looking for a leg model to show them off. If you’re over 22, all you need to do is shoot them a photo* of your luscious “legs eleven” (no full body or head shot needed) and you could be the face legs of the company!

Email your entries/enquiries to: store@honeybirdette.com.au
before 20 Nov. 2009. Winner announced in early Dec.


*- note: there’s no specifics on file size but we’d say no need for more than 1024px on the long side at a web friendly dpi (:

The Re-Edit Master and 2009 Breakspoll Best Breakthrough DJ nominee, ADSORB, makes his Australian debut at Breaks & Enter! He’s Krafty Kut’s production and touring partner and has releases on Against the Grain and Fingerlickin so you can expect a lot of dancefloor friendly business!

To help you get down and get busy we’ve got a double pass to give away thanks to Chris from the Adicts Crew! Simply become a fan on Facebook, find the update and it could be you!

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