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Its been awhile since we’ve done one of these but “new year, new me” right?? Yea I want to punch myself in the face too, but here goes anyway, a bit of a run down of our fave photos and gigs from last year.

2015 saw a big shift in the live music scene, namely the fall of music festivals. The first year without Big Day Out and the last year for Future Music Festival (which I incidentally thought was one of the best in the way of general production and logistics) and finally confirmed, the last year for Soundwave – going out on a massive 2 dayer binge and then unfortunately leaving quite a few workers and punters with a bad taste in their mouths.

Closer to home, our editor (The Music magazine, Brisbane) and all round top bloke moved on from the top dog position to the lucrative world of vinyl record sales…. beginning to think he’s a glutton for punishment! After many years of chasing deadlines and wrangling bands and gigs together it was sad to have to part ways but on the plus side his replacement has been going great guns to fill (or is that empty?) the big pint glasses left before him 😉 The magazine, and print media in general, wasn’t immune to the shift away from physical publications and has since gone from a weekly to a fortnightly issue. Our southern counterparts however are still lucky enough to get their music news weekly.

On the travel front, it was a painfully long year of minimal travel bar a couple trips to Melbourne. All this lack of international travel makes me something something! Thankfully we’ll be rectifying that in a couple months time with a return to Japan, can not come soon enough! Anyways, on with the show!

We kicked the year off with one of our fave drink and dance your ass off DJ’s, Krafty Kuts.



Like previous years the highlight of festival season is with its two stellar closing events, Soundwave and Future Music Festival and they didn’t disappoint.

Soundwave Day 1 and Day 2

















Future Music Festival














Our buds The Iron Eye smashed out their first gig at The Triffid then followed it up later in the year at the Foundry.


We got asked to write an article for G-Street for those who use and abuse their G-Shocks (or are just grots).


2015 was also the year of weddings with a few great couples getting together and tying the knot. We were lucky enough to photograph two of them.

Lauren and James



Rani and Eugene



Motion City Soundtrack always has the perfect amount of wit, sarcasm and angst.  Standing ovation on top of your mates kinda stuff.


We got together with some lovely models and mocked up some ads for G-Shock

DSC_2742-1 copy-1

DSC_2846-9 copy-25

DSC_4178-5 copy-4

DSC_4222-7 copy-12

DSC_4372-12 copy-7

Us old foagies like a boogie too and the Candee Flip gang continued to provide the nights and the tunes. 1 2


Our love for G-Shocks and Halloween came together in a spooky late night photo sesh






Two of our fave bands of all time came head to head in a night of ska punk awesomeness. Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish




90s hip hop legends Naughty by Nature still have plenty of energy and gusto putting a lot of current hiphop to shame.



Years in the making, two of our favourite things, G-Shocks and sneakers came together and gave birth to the G-Shock x Sneaker Freaker “Nightowl” collab …then had a party to celebrate.



Just when we thought 2015 was over, two concerts came in to finish the year off strong, Rise Against and a double header with A Day To Remember and The Amity Affliction.

Rise Against

A Day To Remember



The Amity Affliction


And finally it would’nt be us if there wasn’t a peppering of random G-Shocks, sneakers and a spot of scenic travel 😀


DSC_2403 text 700











So that was the year in a pretty damn big nutshell, looking forward to just as much fun and craziness in 2016! 😀


Port Arthur
Port Arthur is only about 30min from Eagle Hawk Neck but with the weather souring it took much longer. I’m not sure if it was because we were heading closer to Storm Bay but I wouldn’t discard the notion as part of the reason things went from bad to full blown craptastic.

We’re not afraid of a bit of rain, even less of a bother when we were prepared for the worse with plenty of wet weather gear and even a sealed cover for my camera but as we pulled into the Port Arthur Reserve our hopes started to diminish greatly as the heavens opened and it really started to come down. Rivers of ankle deep run off flowed through the carpark and visibility had dwindled down to under 10m.

Inside the visitor center it was a madhouse of drenched tour groups or those about to be, clambering for the overpriced disposable garbage bag ponchos. For half an hour we watched the tours bravely yet futilely go out into the white out, waiting for the rain to pass but to no avail. So we decided to do a quick drive around the surrounds, stumbling around a little “beach” area before heading into Hobart.

The approximately 90min drive took hours with the abysmal weather and only started to let up as we got closer to the city.

After checking into the cool little Alabama Hotel we took a short drive around town and to Rosebay Esplanade for some photos of the harbour and a distant Mt Wellington. Thankfully by then the rain had stopped so we can actually show you a couple photos!



Travel tip: the Alabama doesn’t have any off street parking but there a plenty of overnight parking garage options nearby. You can also park on the street out front, just remember to check the post times.


Salamanca markets
Next morning we got up early to pop into the Salamanca markets before hitting the road. It was a rather easy choice since very little else was open on the long weekend.

Getting there – The market is located pretty much on the water at Sullivan’s cove and is short walk from the town center. We recommend heading straight towards the water then following it south to take in the scenic bay views.



The market is of a decent size and is filled with all the markety things you’d expect, though the items tend to lean towards a more up market feel with jewellery, carvings, paintings and framed landscape photos. There are also a few clothing stalls but again with a more “grown up” feel. Of course, what would a market be without food and fresh produce? Plenty of fruit and veg in a separate pavilion and the food trucks scattered through out the venue make breakfast and brunch blend together and lunch unnecessary.




Tasmania 2014 part #1 – Arrival, Eaglehawk Neck
Tasmania 2014 part #2 – Port Arthur and Salamanca markets
Tasmania 2014 part #3 – Hobart to Queenstown to Cradle Mountain and Liffey Falls

Two heavy hitters came together for the perfect storm of metal to close out the year.
Bumper gallery below!

A Day to Remember


DSC_8700-22 DSC_8636-11 DSC_8634-9 DSC_8632-8


DSC_7153-7 DSC_8626-5 DSC_7148-4 DSC_8617-1


DSC_7252-54 DSC_7231-51 DSC_8807-49 DSC_8801-47


DSC_7205-42 DSC_8747-32 DSC_8734-29 DSC_8719-26




The Amity Affliction



DSC_9042-92 DSC_9012-89 DSC_8987-82 DSC_8976-81





DSC_8831-61 DSC_7267-59 DSC_8815-56


DSC_8965-77 DSC_8963-76 DSC_8948-75 DSC_8939-74




A few things usually dictate when and where we travel – time of year, events and price of flights. Cheap flights pretty much always take a precedent but we prefer travelling in between seasons to avoid crowds and public/school holidays where possible. This time however was pretty much the opposite of that. We were locked into a small window due to work commitments so basically it was the Easter weekend or nothing till the end of the year and who wants to wait THAT long amiright?? With only 5 days at our disposal we had to keep it reasonably accessible with minimal expenditure. We’ve heard rave reviews from our landscape photographer buddies championed by Mel Sinclair who mentioned (and was smart enough to go the following week!) that around this time of year the Fagas trees start changing colour (they even have a festival dedicated to it) so we thought, why the heck not.

Well the first problem was going when we had to not when we wanted to so we were actually about a week early for the colour changing, no problem, just need to look for places in cold areas where winter is coming early. Second problem, travelling during a batch of public holidays, surely not everything will be closed right? Sadly we were wrong on both accounts, throw in constant wet weather ranging from heavy drizzle to outright monsoonal downpours and a feeble rental car with no will to live and that was just the beginning of our Tasmanian adventure! It was trying to say the least but we’ll try to keep the whinging to a minimum and stick to the facts 😉

The biggest Keyzer Soze moment of making people believe the devil didn’t exist was arriving at the airport to clear skies. The drive out to Eaglehawk Neck was reasonably uneventful, apart from a bit of afternoon/pre long weekend traffic it took a bit over 2 hours from the airport including the low speed limits, endless road works and unpaved roads with trucks and 4wds gunning it with no consideration of on coming traffic.

We chose the Best Western Lufra Apartments because they are pretty much directly above the tessellated pavements. The hotel was a little dated but that sort of thing never really bothers us, we go on holidays to do things other than look at the wallpaper! Meals were a little higher priced but when it’s the only option in the surrounding area the choice is pretty easy if you don’t want to go hungry. The staff however were friendly and helpful.


The next morning we got up for sunrise, a little icy but nothing too unmanageable. The sunrise itself was rather uneventful – enough for a couple nice photos at the tessellated pavement, nature working its magic on carving out a rather intricate grid in the rock, but it did hold high hopes of a beautiful day of sightseeing. Back to the hotel the dining room’s expansive windows displayed a spectacular view and the buffet brekky with most of the basics covered wasn’t too bad either. Being a long weekend we were expecting a bigger crowd but it was rather tame, probably was a different story for the proceeding days though.

untitled-8 untitled-9 untitled-11

untitled-12 untitled-13 untitled-14

Conveniently, the Pirate’s Bay area is also very close where you can take in the blowhole, Tasman Arch, Fossil rock look out and Devil’s Kitchen all with in the space of an hour or so if you stick to the main lookouts and 86 the scenic walks. The weathering and layering of the rock formations at the Tasman Arch was tragically poetic to see nature creating and at the same time destroying history of the landmark. Like most natural landmarks there is no open and close times so getting an early start, beating the crowds and getting these sites out of the way is definitely the way to go to maximise your day.

untitled-17 untitled-26 untitled-30

Travel tip: about 2km from Eaglehawk Neck on the way to the blowhole there is a small town nicknamed “Doo Town”, which lovingly coming about because… well they added “Doo” to everything. Its pretty much a “blink and you’ll miss it” blimp on the map but cute and quaint enough to stop for a quick selfie while trying not to snicker at “doo doo” jokes.


With the weather still clear and our sense of adventure high we headed further south to Port Arthur to take in the convict town and its historic buildings…


Tasmania 2014 part #1 – Arrival, Eaglehawk Neck
Tasmania 2014 part #2 – Port Arthur and Salamanca markets
Tasmania 2014 part #3 – Hobart to Queenstown to Cradle Mountain and Liffey Falls

The Rise Against punk rock machine rumbled through town a couple weeks ago. Here’s some of the action!


DSC_8341-1 DSC_8454-22 DSC_8427-18 DSC_8426-17



DSC_8420-16 DSC_8392-13 DSC_8386-11




DSC_8363-4 DSC_8356-3




Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com

In case you missed it, I was in Melbourne a couple weeks ago covering the Sneaker Freaker x G-Shock launch party and since I came straight from the airport, I needed a place to stash my suitcase, after a spot of Googling there wasn’t anything recent regarding luggage locker storage in the CBD so here’s a quick run down that will hopefully help other travellers.

Flinders St Station – has limited space and times via the third party Travellers Aid place which provides lockers and other assistance to travellers.

IBIS hotel – work in conjunction with baggagestorage.com.au and have 24hr access. Going by their online calculator, the pricing is based on per item. $13 for carryon luggage, add a backpack it jumps to $29.

Southern Cross Station – Is the best bet for those in town for a short time ie. Heading straight to a gig, be it photo, video, dj or performance and don’t have time to drop your stuff off at the hotel or your friend’s place (or they might not live in the CBD). It’s conveniently the same station where the Skybus stops so if you’re not driving or getting picked up, you will be more than likely getting off at this stop in the CBD.

The heavy duty lockers unmanned and fully automated and being inside the Skybus station which runs buses all hours means the lockers are accessible 24/7. Access and paying is via an ATM-like terminal in the middle of each bank of lockers, there are several along the length of the station in this area as well as some upstairs at the train station (note: the upstairs ones may not be open 24/7). The lockers that have a green arrow are the ones that are free and unlocked so it’s a good idea to test fit your gear before paying as the price varies for sizes. Note the door of the locker is noticeably smaller than the locker cavity, so while it may look like it will fit on the outside its best to open the door and “try before you buy”. Once in they are quite roomy, a medium size one easily fits a carry on sized suitcase, a backpack and some shopping bags. Using the terminal to allocate your locker and pay is very straight forward, just follow the prompts.

Prices are listed on the console and will probably change over time but a medium size locker was $12 which is for 24 hours of access so it may be a little expensive if you only need it for a couple hours but the up side is you can access the locker as many times as you like in that period via a unique code which is printed on a ticket when payment is made. This was ideal for my trip as it began with about 8 hours in the evening, collected at about 2am, then back the next morning to dump my stuff for another 4-5 hours and be baggage free to wander around the city.

Travel tip: the re-entry code is on a small paper slip which could easily be lost while travelling so treat it like money. Writing down the number elsewhere or taking a photo of it on your phone adds extra piece of mind. Also note when re-entering the locker you will be prompted to continue using the locker or to end the use. Obviously not a good idea to get these two mixed up!

Hope this helps some what, happy travels! (:

107 - cover

This week we shoot heavy rollers Vessel Born for The Music Magazine’s (Brisbane) – “In Focus” feature.

Read about them in the current issue of The Music (Brisbane) #107.

107 - vessel born 640

Get it FREE from all the usual street press outlets, read current and back issues online @ The Music magazine – Brisbane or download the new app for iTunes and Android.

When two of our favourite things, sneakers and G-Shocks, come together in a perfect storm its a wondrous thing but to have the launch party on home soil? Well you know flights to Melbourne were booked faster than you can say “Shock Resist” and boy do those guys know how to throw a party! All the bases were covered, from a 3 course meal (entree, burger and fries and donuts for dessert) to an endless bar and DJ’s and live entertainment from Mafia, Hans DC, Joyride and Californian Anderson Paak. The watch itself wasn’t too shabby either 😉

Check out the fun and good times below! More socials will be posted in an album on our facebook page 🙂



DSC_7719-1 DSC_7724-4 DSC_7725-5 DSC_7726-6

DSC_7727-7 DSC_7728-8 DSC_7733-10 DSC_7752-18



DSC_7769-24 DSC_7771-25 DSC_7775-27 DSC_7777-28


DSC_7782-31 DSC_7793-35 DSC_7795-36 DSC_7797-37



DSC_7804-41 DSC_7812-45 DSC_7818-47 DSC_7822-49

DSC_7827-51 DSC_7837-53 DSC_7850-57 DSC_7853-59



DSC_7893-71 DSC_7895-72 DSC_7903-77 DSC_7916-79



DSC_7921-80 DSC_7927-84 DSC_8091-121 DSC_7959-92



DSC_7966-94 DSC_7969-95 DSC_7971-96 DSC_7987-100


DSC_8026-106 DSC_8031-107 DSC_8079-117 DSC_7807-43



The Illtown trio came through with their almost 25th anniversary show. Yep, feeling old! Would have thought the guys would have been a bit sluggish too but they were quite the opposite with plenty of energy and Treach still buff. Hennessy flowed and hands were waved from side to side like it was 19-Naughty-3 all over again!

Check out the bumper highlights below.






DSC_6899-1 DSC_7652-45 DSC_7579-38 DSC_7531-37




DSC_7482-35 DSC_7443-33 DSC_7339-28 DSC_7320-27





DSC_7251-25 DSC_7174-20 DSC_6947-5

DSC_6927-3 DSC_6921-2




105 - cover

This week we snap The Vernons for The Music Magazine’s (Brisbane) – “In Focus” feature.

Read about them in the current issue of The Music (Brisbane) #105.

105 - vernons 640

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