You know you’re on a good thing when you need to upgrade to a bigger and better venue! While KGS loses some of the street vibe from the previous under bridge area, it does lend itself to much better viewing for the audience.
One thing that wasn’t lost was the energy, fun and variety of breakers and performers. Props go out to Sammy and her all girl crew showing the boys how its done 😉

Check out all the action Here

Over the next month or so, I’ll be summarising our recent holiday to Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York City. Posts will include our personal highlights along with tidbits of info on general travel and sight seeing in these cities and of course tips on shopping, most notably sneakers and toys (:

Pour yourself a nice warm glass of Saki, first city up is Tokyo.

Once seen as only the country that made cars and tv’s, the land of the rising sun has long shed its industrial stereotypes and has been recognised as one of the world’s leaders in fashion. Most notably heavily influencing Australia’s own fashion sense since the turn of the millennium, however to us here at SBM, fashion is dead and its all about the toys! ;D

We had a day stop over on the way to the USA so instead of getting loosing our minds in the airport for 12 hours we did a quick scouting mission in to Ueno. This worked well as this was not long where we were staying for 4 days on our way home, but also home to one of the biggest blossom festival areas in Tokyo.

Walking through Ueno park (up the stairs between Ueno and KeiSei stations) we saw the festivities were just beginning with stalls and decorations being set up. Most of the trees showed little signs of blooming except for the one at the entrance which had its full bloom on display giving us a teaser of what was to come.

We checked out the Ameyoko markets under the train line and surrounding blocks from Ueno station, which later became our savior for a last minute suitcase purchase when we realised that we went way overboard with the Boxing day style of shopping, but more on that later.

Across the road from the station is Yamashiroya, 6 floors of toys, games, anime, collectibles and everything to make you feel like a kid again. You could easily spent half a day in there with a limited vocabulary of “awesome!”, “awww that’s SO cute”, “wtf???” and “I don’t care, I’m buying it”. Of course with that kind of diminished rational we walked away with a pillow sized Kirby plush and Revoltech Yamaguchi figure set without any thought of the frustration that we’d endure from lugging them tens of thousands of miles across the globe in the coming weeks.

Just before we headed back, we walked a few blocks south towards Akihabara to find a sneaker trader called Buy Sell (Ueno). Their stock isn’t huge like K-Skit (but who’s is??) but they have a decent selection of new and used (in various conditions) sneakers, clothing and accessories. Definitely one of the bigger selections of clothing compared to similar sneaker shops.

If you’ve been into sneakers for even the shortest amount of time you will know that there’s no real holy grail out there and there’s no one store that sells all the “best” models. It’s all just a matter of how deep your pockets are and if you’re willing to not pay rent for a month or 2. That said, they still had a few of the rare exotic models along side cheap dunks in colourways not available in Oz. Check out their frequently changing stock listing on their site, updated regularly.

A side note which I wasn’t going to go into (out of embarrassment!) but will as a courtesy for future travelers to Japan – not all signs that sprout “anime” and have cartoon caricatures are toy stores. You’ll know as soon as you step in the door, the over abundance of middle age to elderly men, the curtained cubicles with shoes and pants at the door, possibly someone snoring, oh and the wall to wall of Manga p0rn aka Hentai! Don’t know what the local name for these places are, but it seems pretty much like a self service library if you will. If you’re female or are traveling with one, you’ll be met with an abrupt “no no, men only!!”. Say no more, reading you loud and clear buddy!

Here’s an example just around the corner from Yamashiroya

Moral of the story, don’t trust google maps! While it can guess within 50m as it says “approximate”, take heed! Unless of course you can read Japanese, then just back away slowly, you were never here.

Tokyo part #2 – Getting round Tokyo, Ueno Sakura at night
Tokyo part #3 – Harajuku
Tokyo part #4 – Shibuya
Tokyo part #5 – Kichijoji and Shinjuku
Tokyo part #6 – Akihabara
Tokyo part #7 – Odaiba and Leaving Tokyo

Photo Gallery Here

The bubble wrapping of Queensland continues with the further push of restricted operating hours for clubs and pubs. Hundreds of people including punters, club owners, hospitality staff, djs and bands showed up in force to voice their opinions against the further backward measures from the Queensland government.

Gallery Here

More info Here

Gallery Here

Fancy yourself a bit of an artiste? Got skills for a right proper burner and not just lame toilet tagging? Do you have the same destructive loathe for food as Pro Hart? Or do you just like drawing REALLY big?

Whatever your penchant, if you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle a 3 storey building with your art Times Square style, then this is your chance!
Seminal Brisbane radio station, 4ZZZ is looking for someone to blow a load of their creative juices over their whole building! All you have to do is send in your designs and tell them why you want to do it and if they like it, your work will be immortalised into Brisbane’s history! Wowsers!

Send entries to: or post to 4ZZZ, PO Box 509, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 4006
Entries close: 30th May 2010


Bon Voyage!

by admin

It’s finally here! A well deserved holiday!
We’ll be jet setting off to America, the land of meat, cheese and a weakening exchange rate as well as Japan for the annual cherry blossom festivals!
Of course there are going to be plenty of photos and write ups on sneakers, toys and general shenanigans upon our return (:

Watch it lady I’m walkin here!!


The first Roller Derby of the season for the Sunstate Roller Girls kicked off with the Liquorice Short Shorts taking on the Golden Roughs. Don’t let the sugary names fool you, these girls are definitely hard boiled!

Gallery Here

Morgan Macmanus smashes X & Y knee deep with a sneak preview of his new material

Gallery here

We had so much fun with Timeoff magazine last week, we just had to do it again! This time our photos are featured on the cover of the Zebra music section and the lead story for those guerrilla party throwers KANA. With the looming government threat to night life as we know it, its definitely an insightful read.

Grab your free copy from hundreds of retailers and outlets around Brisbane and check out the exclusive photos in the Zebra music news section.

If you cant get to a store, dont sweat it, its also available online @ Time Off Mag – Zebra.

Want more? Check out the rest of the pix from the event

Gallery here

Those flash party ninjas were at it again! Not even the dismal weather hindered another great event!

Gallery here

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